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chest expander

Chest Expander Exercise helps in strengthening and toning of muscles. Chest expander exercise is helps in building functional strength, tendon and ligament strength. During this pandemic, fitness took a front seat for millions and therefore, need for accessible workout tools for in house training sessions are all time high. Chest Expander, is one such versatile and affordable piece of equipment that can be used anywhere for doing chest expander exercise. 

Chest Expander


Innstar Chest Expander And Pedal Pull Rope

But Why Do We Need A Chest Expander?

Chest Expander is a type of cable device which can be used for doing mostly upper body exercises. Workout is done through the use of inherent resistance present in rubber or any other material which have elasticity for building the muscle. Mostly in these expandable cables, on both ends handles are attached for better grip.

Chest Expander can be used for variety of exercises and though it is expected to majorly support chest workout but with it one can do the legs, arms, and back exercise as well. The motion and position of the exerciser will increase the strength of the place being exercised. It is good for increasing the strength of ligament and tendon muscles and also, it tones chest muscles. 

How To Use Chest Expander Efficiently?


One should always start with low resistance. Resistance should be increased gradually and as one becomes more comfortable then the resistance level should be increased during chest expander exercise

With Chest Expander exercise one can do different types of exercise like shoulder presses, lateral flies, and bicep curls. These exercises can help an individual to tone different parts of the body. 

To reap the maximum benefits from chest expander exercise one can incorporate partner based exercises like rows in a workout routine.

Different types of chest expander exercise are there and some of them come with two or three cables of different resistance. So one can add the level of resistance slowly as per the need and stamina of an individual. 

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Chest Expander Exercise Benefits

There are many benefits which one can get from doing through Chest Expander exercise. This one can strengthen the muscles and much more stuff:

  • Increase the muscle strength of the chest wall – When you combine breathing exercises with Chest Expander, the muscle strength of chest increases. Lungs are protected by the rib cage which is covered with muscle. When one breathes, the muscle of the rib cage expands and contract for accommodating the changes in lung volume. So regular stretching exercises assisted with the chest expander exercise will allow chest muscles to strengthen and then they will deeply expand and contract when one breathes. 

  • The capacity of the Lung increases – When breathing exercises of Yoga are done with the assistance of chest expander exercise the respiratory capacity of lung increases. Once the wall could able to expand more while taking breathe, the amount of air it takes increases. Whatever oxygen or air one breathes, that is circulated throughout the body. Inhalation of oxygen and then take out carbon dioxide through exhalation. So, more oxygen one could take will be available for circulating in the body. It is recommended by therapists for inspiratory muscle weakness.

  • Safe to do such exercise – Unlike other exercises of high resistance training like free weights or doing exercise on heavy machines, the chest expander exercise has more safety. As in free weights, one needs enough inertia while lifting which could be harsh on the joints and might lead to some issues if not done properly. While on the other side the Chest Expander has cables for doing exercise which has more flexibilty and is smooth to do exercise. 

  • Exercise for the whole body – With this chest expander exercise one can perform whole body workout and this can be in favour of gym novices because it doesn’t include any hard exercises. One can incorporate different exercises like a rotation of cable, leg exercises, and cable shadow boxing can be done without any issues. 

chest expander


Chest Expander Exercise

There are many chest expander exercise which one can do with it. Many bodybuilders do exercises with it to increase their stamina. But before starting these exercises one must do the warm-up of the muscles so that it does not strain the muscles and prevent injuries. If one does not perform the warmup before starting the exercise then it could be dangerous- 

  1. Alternative pressing of shoulders – One can hold the cables at the back with the left hand just at the level of the shoulder while the right hand should be as low as possible. Then one can keep the right hand straight and push the left head from arm’s length to overhead. Take it low and then repeat it. Same to be done with another hand. 

  1. Movement in Archer style for triceps – This will help the most in developing triceps. Keep the right arm straight and with the left arm pull outwards till it comes to the length of an arm. Then return it to the starting position. This shoulder should not be used and full work needs to be done on the triceps. 

  1. Pulling out from front – This exercise is best for the Chest and Shoulder. This one can pull out from the front. The cables should be held tightly at the level of the shoulder from the front. Then one should keep the arms straight, pulling the expanders outwards till they touch the chest. Then come to the starting position and repeat the same. 
  2. Raising forward – This exercise could be done with one or both hands. The arms should be straight and from one foothold on one side of the Chest exerciser. From one or both hands one should pull the other side of the string. After this lower the arm and repeat this exercise. 

  1. Rowing upright – In this one should keep the shoulders straight. The hands should be rested in front of the thighs than from the hands, expander can be pulled. This chest expander should be pulled up to a level till the elbows do not come at the level of the chin. Then lower it to the starting position and start it again. 

  1. Bending to the side – Keep one end of the expander in the feet and the other end should be in hand. If the expander is there on the right foot then on the right hand the expander should be held. The hand with the expander should be straight. The body should be bend to the opposite side. In this only, waist strength should be used. Then slowly one should come to the upright or straight position. Repeat the same. Repeat the exercise on both sides. 

  1. Curls in biceps – One should stand straight and then look on the right side. Hands should be rested along with thighs. Keep one end of the expander on the right foot and the other end on the right hand. The grip on the hand should be in an underhand position. Looking on the same side on which one helps both ends of the exerciser one should pull the expander to the level of the shoulder and then come to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on both sides. 

  1. Curl in Reverse – This exercise is almost similar to the curls in the biceps just the difference is that one should hold the grip of the Chest expander in the overhand position. 

  1. Pulling downward from the overhead – In this one can hold the cables of about the arm length, keeping the arms straight. Then moving the hands downward, one should pull it and extend the same across the back. Then this should be returned to the same position again. Repeat the exercise.

  1. Triceps curl – In this one hand should be straight, for instance, the right arm should be straight then from the left hand one should extend it till overhead. This needs to be done behind the back. Then come in the original position again and repeat the exercise with both sides. 

There are many exercises that one can do with a Chest expander exercise depending on the imagination and need. All the exercises should be done in reps of about 4 to 5 initially and then gradually it can be increased to 8 to 10 reps or more depending on the stamina of an individual. 

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Can Chest Expander be used for both sexes?

Any person can use this irrespective of their gender. If you are starting out then always start with the lower resistance and then move to the high resistance. It will save from the injury or tiredness of muscles. Many women want to make their breasts firm and this could be done through this. While men can tone up their pecs.

Are Chest Expanders Effective?

Chest expanders are very effective for ligament and tendon strength. If used consistently, chest expanders can contribute to building larger muscles. It can be increased to any strength by just adding strands to the existing cable.  

Are Chest Expanders Safe?

Chest expanders are very safe in comparison to higher resistance exercises like free weights. This device comes with an additional mechanism for safety in it. In this safety links and handles are also there for preventing any snaps of the strings accidentally. 


Chest Expander Exercise can be used by any individual as it is comparatively safer than free weights. It is very convenient to use and store as it can be carried anywhere and can be used anywhere. If Chest Expander assisted exercise is included in everyday work routine (with the reps) then it will boost the stamina and oxygen level in the body.

It may not give fast results as free weights might do in muscle growth, but if you are dealing with an injury then chest expanders are a more reliable and safer piece of workout equipment than free weights.

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