12 Best Affordable Home Gym Equipments For Your Apartment


Can you train your muscles at home with compact Affordable home gym equipment? Are you a frequent traveler and unable to cope with your workout routines?

The need for an all-in-one compact home gym has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Due to the dynamic and uncertain lifestyle. An ideal compact home gym should not only be space-saving and easy to travel with but also be versatile enough. To perform a wide range of exercises and portable for a wide range of uses, styles, and body sizes.

Our team has evaluated over 50 available portable home gym brands available in the market. And analyzed over 10,000 customer reviews and came up with a list of our 12 Best Compact Home Gyms. For Your Apartment And Home depending on your workout preference, portability, budget, and space available. From highly versatile and compact resistance bands gyms. Like INNSTAR PORTABLE GYM 3.0 to advance Bluetooth-enabled training setups like MAXPRO FITNESS SMART CONNECT to track your progress.

This article will help you to make a well-informed decision. The market for a portable home gym is pretty saturated with a high range of products. It can be pretty confusing sometimes when it’s your first small all-in-one affordable home gym.

All the recommendations made by our experts are based on their shortlisting process and personal experiences with the products. We may earn a small commission if you buy through links on our site.


1. INNSTAR Portable Gym 3.0 – Best All In One Affordable Home Gym

innstar portable gym 3.0 - best compact home gym

Innstar portable gym 3.0 is no doubt our first choice when it comes to the best compact Affordable home gym system.

Innstar’s lightweight and unique design makes it a perfect choice for use at home and on travel.

With 10,000 hours of fatigue strength from its high-grade latex material. Innstar beats all the competitors when it comes to the durability, performance, and flexibility of resistance bands and is an all-in-one home gym solution.

Even when it comes to price it’s one of the most affordable portable complete gym alternatives. It costs less than 10% of what you pay at a conventional gym every year.

You can perform hundreds of exercises anytime and anywhere without any preparation and bulky setups.

Innstar will help you to save countless hours in these uncertain times. You don’t have to worry about the drive or wait for your fitness goals. It’s very compatible and easy to store.  

Plus, you can pack it up & take it anywhere else. Business trips, vacations, you name it. Never miss a workout again. 

2. Weider Affordable Home Gym

The Weider Home Gym has high durability due to its steel tubing construction which enhances its capability. It’s a pioneer and well-known brand in the compact home gym segment.

Weider home gym allows you to focus on your back, chest, and lats with multiple hand positions. The vinyl weight stack with a high pulley and lat bar offers up to 214 lbs of resistance depending upon the weights selected. The cable pulley in the Weider system helps you to hit the whole body including the triceps, deltoids, and biceps. The machine comes with the leg developer which specifically focuses on your lower body routines.

In short, you will get most of your workout with this portable Affordable home gym system. You will find a single steel tube for support on this home gym system.

The Weider Home Gym weighs 196 lbs, and the weight stack is only around 80 lbs. Which makes it really compact but make sure if you have to perform the chest press and butterflies. And is a tall user you are able to keep a good balance to get a full range of motion.

3. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Affordable Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Affordable home gym is an upgrade for the older models. Like the Bowflex PR1000 and the Bowflex Blaze and is pretty versatile as it can perform more than 75 exercises. Not only does the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE offers a wide range of workout but it’s one of their most compact models and doesn’t come with the fold-down bench.

The machine comes with a 7-year manufacture warranty with the power rods come with a lifetime warranty. The power rods weigh much less than the regular gym bulky equipment and are easy to transport and use.

4. Bodyboss 2.0 Home Gym – Best Portable Home Gym

If you’re looking for a lightweight board-type portable gym, go with BodyBoss 2.0. You can change the resistance levels by managing the bands on the hooks and easily push or pulling them.

The Body Boss 2.0 portable Affordable home gym set includes ankle strap attachments, bar, handles, and a door anchor. You can perform over 100 exercises using this portable gym.

Body boss is one of the most budget-friendly and least expensive home gym brands present in the market. If I have to describe Body Boss 2.0 in a few words. I would say powerful, and compact as it fits entirely into a single bag. It can be carried around while you travel along with pop-out ab rollers, movable push-up handles, and customizable resistance band length and strength.

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5. MaxPro Sport Connect Affordable Home Gym

The MAXPRO SportConnect weighs under 9 pounds and is one of the leading advanced Affordable home gym systems which offers an impressive 150 of variable resistance through chords. I will definitely recommend Maxpro Sport Connect if you’re looking for a system for cardio, suspension, or strength training with its variable settings and easy connection with your phone via Bluetooth to track your performance and access a wide range of workout videos.

It’s a surprisingly great alternative to bulky weight machines and can be easily anchored, mounted, or placed over the floor for utility.

6. TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

Our list for the best compact home gym is incomplete without mentioning the TRX Suspension system. One of the most popular suspension trainer brands in the world is TRX and it allows you to train at home without spending a fortune on Affordable home gyms.

This portable Affordable home gym kit includes suspension anchors, as well as door anchors, and a portable pouch that can easily be carried away. TRX includes a Free subscription of 1-year to the TRX app and a list of new exercises to try. It helps you to train your muscles better with bodyweight exercises.

7. Fusion Motion Portable Affordable Home Gym

Fusion Motion Portable Affordable Home Gym is one of the leading alternatives for Body Boss 2.0 and a great option for anyone who wants a light resistance workout while on a go. It’s equipped with variable resistance bands for training and perfect for a wide range of workouts under budget and without spending too much on machines.

The board in this compact home gym is made of lightweight plastic which is advantageous as well as have some disadvantage if you want to perform heavy workouts. It’s highly flexible and can be assembled in few minutes with a wide range of accessories.

However, with the  Fusion Motion, we find it really difficult to balance and get it right on the board as it can flip frequently also it includes just three carabiners, and switching between the components can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Additionally, for the bar exercises, we found the bands a bit short and restrictive while performing a wide set of movements and even regular movements if you have broad shoulders.

8. Marcy 150lb Stack Affordable Home Gym

If you’re looking for a perfect machine for intermediate and beginner level trainees you must select The Marcy MWM 990 Affordable home gym. With 150 lb of max resistance and the range of exercises, it offers Marcy home gym is one of the powerful pieces of equipment to buy but it’s not for everyone.

Thanks to the many inbuilt functions, you can have a total body workout at home. Also, it has a not-so-large footprint, so it is suitable for a smaller space. Finally, it has a robust structure made from quality materials, so you do not have to worry about breakage or wobbling.

With Marcy, you don’t have to worry about the wobbling, bending, or breakage as it’s made of quality materials with a very portable structure that is suitable for the smaller space. Marcy 990 comes with many inbuilt functionalities for a wide range of total body workouts.

The only disadvantage is if you’re over But, the Marcy 990 weight stack machine is not for tall people who are over 6 feet. The overhead lat station provides a short range of motion for 6 feet tall it’s not for you. The overhead station has a short range of motion and assembly can be pretty difficult sometimes.

9. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Affordable Home Gym

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Affordable Home Gym comes with up to 280 lbs of resistance powered by a high and low pulley system and perfect fit for those who want to focus on lean muscle and work on their strength while targeting multiple muscles groups at once and upper body.

The Gold’s Gym is installed with a lat bar high and low pulley system for a versatile total body workout experience. You can target your lower body and leg muscles with the four-roll leg developer along with the chess press and butterfly arms station. If you’re someone who likes more reps and long hours of a workout then you will find this system pretty comfortable as it comes with sewn vinyl seats for the purpose of ergonomics.

The overall platform is quite stable and well made even for the tall people with added safety features.

10. OYO Personal Gym

In the world of smart Affordable home gym equipment, OYO GYM has its own legacy and is one of the most sold and loved home gym brands. It has a very unique design that stands out with overlapping chords and an expandable frame.

The OYO personal gym uses SpiraFlex technology which is inspired by NASA with smooth-action cables to offer a range of resistance levels from 5 to 25 pounds which can be operated by bending and pulling the device handles. Our workout experience with the OYO was more close to that of free weights rather than resistance bands as it allows a smooth linear motion for a wide range of workouts from a chest press to glute kicks.

From the chest, arms, and back you can use OYO Personal Gym for Russian twists and other ab exercises or you can use it for tricep, legs, or lat workout with its multiple configurations.

11. Gorilla Bow Portable Affordable Home Gym

Gorilla bow Portable Home Gym comes with four resistance bands from 10 to 50 pounds of resistance with easy to carry resistance bands. You can easily try different combinations of resistances together according to your requirements.

The metallic bar with the set is inspired by the archery bows and is quite solid. The best part about the Gorilla Bow Home Gym is you can always buy additional bands to level up your training. You can perform a wide range of exercises including squats, bent-over rows, and bicep curls by standing on the bands for the required tension.

The Gorilla Bow set comes with an instruction manual with a range of exercises you can perform and a safety manual with some contradictory instructions about not to stand on the bands to save you from any potential injury from the slippage of resistance bands from the back or your feet.

However, due to the large size bent bar, you would be unable to comfortably perform single-handed or small-range motions.

12. Total Gym APEX 

Total Gym is one of the early players in the Compact Affordable Home Gym market and is truly a veteran. The quality of tubular steel and all the attachments is great and the whole system feels very sturdy. It works on the Glideboard technology and you perch on a board that glides up and down a pair of inclined rails.

It comes with a high range of resistance levels of 375 pounds with a powerful cable and pulley system. Total Gym is effective and fun to use as advertised and you don’t have to worry about dropping weights on yourself while working out.

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Which Compact Affordable Home Gym System You Should Buy?

At the end, which portable home gym is suitable for you is totally dependent upon your utility and budget. If you’re looking for a compact and easy to carry all in one home gym. I would recommend you to go for INNSTAR PORTABLE Affordable HOME GYM 3.0 as you can easily perform most of your workout routines on it and it can be upgraded with more resistance bands. 

If you’re someone who wants a classical home gym solution for your home or apartment you should try Weider Home Gym or Total Gym Apex depending upon the height and resistance levels you’re looking for. 

For low resistance and high-intensity workouts, MaxPro Sports Connect is definitely a winner as it comes with an online video guide and you can track your performance.

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