Top 10 Back Exercises With Barbell – The Best Way

10 back exercises with barbell

Back exercises with barbell are rather underperformed. People only do front exercises like biceps, triceps, and chest. But if seen, there are many benefits to the body by doing back exercises. It helps make the back comprehensive. This allows the overall body to look muscular and attractive.

People not doing back exercises think that doing back exercises does not affect the body, but it is not so. It plays a vital role in giving wide and V-shapes to the back.

Why is it important to do back exercises?

The muscles of the back are the most important among the powers of the body. On the basis that these
muscles are involved in daily back exercises or work, and it becomes important muscle.

After leg exercises, the most calories are burned in back activities. The back muscles are the largest part of the upper body, and these muscles are connected to other muscles, so it becomes essential to exercise the back. Like the chest muscles, it is the body’s large muscle that helps lift the excessive weight.

These muscles also play a large role in increasing the strength for other exercises such as the bench press.
The upper and middle muscles of your back help keep your shoulder joints balanced, and the stronger and
The more stable your shoulders are, the more weight you can lift in each upper body part exercise.

back exercises with barbell

Benefits Of Back Exercises With Barbell

● The structure of the overall body is maintained through the movement of the back.
● It is through back exercises that the rear gets a V-shape.
● Back exercises do not cause pain in your spine.
● Your strength increases through the back exercises.

How do you work your lower back with a barbell?

● Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and you are lower back in a neutral, non-rounded position.
● Hold a light barbell over your shoulders.
● Slowly bend at the hips, keeping your lower back in a neutral position until your torso is almost level with the floor.
● Return and repeat.

Is weightlifting good for lower back pain?

Doing proper weightlifting usually doesn’t cause back pain. It can help relieve chronic back pain. But when you have acute (sudden) back pain, putting extra pressure on the back muscles and ligaments can increase your risk of further injury. Ask your doctor if you should lift weights and what exercise to avoid.

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Essential Tips for V Shape Back

Mind Muscle Connection

While doing exercise, you must maintain your mind-muscle connection because the back
muscle of our body, which we cannot see during training.

Therefore, while applying the back, you have to keep your entire focus on exercise. Otherwise, you will also
have many problems in making V shape back like others, which means there will be problems developing
the back.

Exercise With Your Elbow Instead Of Wrist

Whenever you apply any rowing exercise (the exercise in which you pull the barbell or machine with both
your hands) like lat pulldown, bend over rows, etc.

While applying it, you have to pull the weight with your elbow, which means that when you pull the
weight, you have to think that you are pulling that weight with your elbow and not your hands.

Suppose there is no strength left in hand below your elbow, your forearms, then you will have to take the
the help of your elbow to lift the weight.

You have to do back exercises only by remembering these important tips so that you can get more and quicker
benefits than other people and you can make your back bigger and wider faster than them.


It is essential to warm up before back exercises because it saves us from injury and activates our muscles well. And warm-up is significant before the back workout; otherwise, many people start having pain in the lower back.

Top 10 Back Exercises With Barbells


Our first back exercise with barbells is pull-ups. Almost everyone follows this exercise, but they do not know the right way
to apply this exercise so that they do not get more reps in this exercise.

How to do

● First of all, widen the grip of the hands to about 28 inches.
● Go upwards and hold the back for 1 second.
● As you start doing this exercise correctly, you keep increasing the reps in this exercise.

Sets – 3
Reps – 12 – 15


Our second exercise is the deadlift. This exercise is a perfect back workout. The advantage of this
exercise is that other muscle groups such as glutes, hamstrings, calves, and shoulders are also involved.

How to do

● While performing this exercise, keep in mind that the back should be kept straight.
● Keep the grip of the hands according to the width of the shoulder.
● Perform this exercise slowly.

Sets – 3
Reps – 12 – 15

Lat Pulldown

Our third exercise is the lat pulldown. This exercise is considered to be everyone’s favourite exercise because most people are aware of this exercise. By doing these back exercises, the back gets a V-shape.

How to do

● First of all, widen the grip of the hands to about 28 inches.
● The second thing is to keep the waist straight.
● Slowly bring the rod towards the chest and then take it upwards.
● Maintain a stable body.

Sets – 3
Reps – 12 – 15

Bent over barbell row

Our fourth exercise is the barbell bent-over row. This exercise is known to be effective for back growth.
Be sure to include these back exercises in your routine.

How to do

● First of all, bend your body to about a 45-degree angle.
● Keep the grip of the hands about 20 to 22 inches wide.
● When you bring the rod towards the stomach, hold it for 2-3 seconds.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10 – 12

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Our fifth exercise is One Arm Dumbbell Row. This exercise affects our lats. The largest part of
our back is the lats, so it becomes necessary to train it.

How to do

● First of all, select the weight of the dumbbells according to you.
● Keep your back straight, as shown in the image above.
● When you start doing this exercise correctly, then you have to keep increasing the weight according to you.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10 – 12′

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns

Our sixth exercise is the close grip lat pulldown. This exercise trains our middle back. This exercise is
done like a lat pull down, but the difference is that the grip of the hands has to be kept close.

How to do

● In this exercise, you have to use a v-bar handle.
● When you bring the bar towards your chest, hold it for about 2-3 sec.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10 – 12

T-Bar Row

This exercise is considered a very effective exercise. Our overall back
is involved in this exercise.

● First of all, bend your back a little.
● Keep the waist straight.
● Keep the body parallel to the ground.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10 – 12

Mid Row

Our back muscles are enormous, so it becomes necessary to train them from different angles.

How to do

●Use the V-Bar handle in this exercise.
●Keep the waist straight.
●Adjust the feet in the machine correctly.
●Bring the V-Bar handle towards your abs.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10 – 12

Seated Cable row

In seated cable raw exercise, your back is trained with full motion, and you can feel the tension brought
on it for a long time.

How to do

● You have to sit on the machine.
● Then while holding the rod of the device slightly out of the shoulder
● Slowly pull it while squeezing backwards and slowly release it outwards.

Sets – 3 – 4
Rep – 10 – 12

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Dumbell Row

Dumbbell row exercise is also an excellent exercise, and for this exercise, you have to take only one dumbbell and do the exercise with the help of someone. How remarkable is the fact that it will make your whole back V shape, and it will make your entire back look like a V shape? Big bodybuilders do the exercise with great pleasure.

How to do

● To do this first, you should have one foot on the bench press on the bench press, and the other foot should be on the ground, put one foot on the bench press pad with your knees bent.
● And keep the other leg straight on the ground.
● Now you have to take a dumbbell in one hand and keep your other hand on the bench press and handle the weight of your body.

Sets – 3
Rep – 8 – 10


While doing the back exercises with a barbell, keep in mind that you should not do any biceps workout beforehand because if you do this, you will not be able to lift many heavyweights. At the same time, please do not take a load on the neck in it. Otherwise, you may get pain. Do these exercises with weights according to your ability, because lifting more weight can damage your body.

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