6 Powerful Chest And Back Workout

Chest and Back Workout

A lot of people struggle and get carried away by the efforts it needs to schedule and organize different workouts in a week. Here you can have some good chest and back workout.

Basically, many people just focus on a single muscle group for each workout session. But if you’re not a newbie you can actually try training two different muscle groups on a single day because a split routine can get you better muscle gains and volume from the synthesized muscle protein during the workout session in your body.

Now the question arises is can you work on your back and chest on the same day?

Yes, you can absolutely train your chest and back on the same day.

In this blog, I will try to discuss how you can do that and reap the maximum benefits of your workout routine safely and in the most efficient way possible.

What are a good chest and back workout look like?

While deciding on your good chest and back workout routine you should first focus on your weak muscle group for example:

If you have a weak chest you should train your chest first and vice versa. For any other scenario try to maintain a balance between alternate muscle groups.

However, there is no clear relation between training frequency the muscle gains in fact by clubbing chest and back exercises together you can train back and chest again for at least two sessions rather than one session which can elevate the muscle mass.

Using well-mixed supersets in your training with one exercise after another. You can get an intense pump as you will be doing major movements hammering your chest and back muscles.

Here is a list of some of my personal favorite good chest and back workout. Which can be super-setted with traditional equipment depending upon your weak muscle groups.

Wide Push Ups

chest and back workout
via Ayo Ogunseinde

How to:  Place your hands outside your shoulders on the floor with your knees under your hips. Make sure your body forms a straight line with straight legs and head looking at the floor. Slowly descend while keeping your core tight and bent elbows till your chest touches the floor with the upper arms parallel.

Now push back to the start by moving your palms into the floor slowly. Perform this into 3 sets of 50 seconds each and carefully monitor your body alignment.

Wide Push-Ups are the best way to start your chest and back workout and you can increase the frequency for intense workouts.

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Bench Press

via Andrea Piacquadio

How to:  Find a suitable size bench and lie flat with both of your hands at your shoulder width. Drive your shoulders into the bench and try to maintain the tightness of your upper back with your breath. After lifting the weight let it settle and ensure your upper back is in a comfortable position. Let the barbell descend slowly by releasing the elbows and inhaling. Lower the bar slowly till it touches your chest muscles also known as the breastbone.

Keeping the same posture press yourself into the bench and push your feet into the floor. For more force push back the bar straight upwards extending your elbows.

You can also use dumbells instead of barbells and increase the weights till you start feeling some pump over your chest muscles.


via Victor Freitas

How to:  The common misconception about the chest and back workout are it’s a male exercise or only for the athletes but you can’t make a perfect superset of the chest and back workout for women without including deadlifts. Grasp the bar using your hand grip and shoulder width while pushing your hip back and your torso in a parallel position with the floor.

Now pull up the bar slightly while inhaling while allowing your hip to drop. While dropping your hip and pulling up the bar make sure your armpits are out of the bar setting up the lats. Use your whole foot for the drive and push the floor away. Ensure to extend your knees and hip for the straight retracement of the bar hinging forward and locking out the hips.

Note: In your chest and back workout you can keep the deadlifts at the end of a complete set for a more challenging environment and better muscle gains.

Dumbell Row

via Tima Miroshnichenko

How to: Assume a standing position placing the dumbbell on each side. Now bend your left knee on a bench with your left hand on the bench while your body leaned forward at 90-degree and lifting up the dumbbell in your right hand. Pull the dumbbell towards your chest till the elbow hits the midline and the palm stays close to your side. Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly lower the dumbbell back down to the start. Repeat this 10 times and then switch the position and hand.

Side Plank With Rotation

via Klaus Nielsen

How to: Place your hand under your shoulders on a floor and assume a high plank position with your leg extended. From your face facing the floor slowly rotate your body to the right side. This is called a side plank position and if you’re struggling with the rotation make sure to place your feet wide and allow the heels to drop to the floor.

While maintaining the side plank position extend your right arm up in the air and body maintaining the straight-line inclined position. Slowly bring back your right arm to the floor and return to the high plank position facing the floor. Repeat this on the other side with the left arm and try to do as many reps as possible in 50 seconds.

Plyometric Clap Push Ups

via Rodnae

How to:  As the name suggests Plyometric Clap Push Ups require ballistic movements which makes it perfect for core strengthening along with chest and back workout. Start with a quadruped position with your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Get into a push-up position with the body in a straight line with extended elbows and head looking at the floor.

Slowly move down to the floor using your shoulder blades and elbows. Now instead of returning back slowly push yourself forcefully with your chest and elbows driving your palms into the floor. When your hands are in the air quickly bring them together and clap.

I included Clap Push Ups because in my chest and back workout guide because you don’t need any other equipments and it helps you in balancing your core well.

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Can I do chest and back exercises together?

It’s totally safe to include chest and back exercises on the same day and it’s very common muscle groups that can be trained together as they are agonist and antagonist muscle groups which means the other muscle groups get rest when you work on one this helps you to use your time more efficiently and increase the calories burn.

Doing chest and back workouts together is not only a time-efficient way of training but also improves your work capacity as when you perform supersets instead of a traditional single set you are actually challenging your anaerobic energy systems twice in the same workout session which is a positive side of it.

Just make sure to keep a check on your intensity, resistance, and weight levels you’re using and take the proper rest between the supersets to keep the chance of any training-related injuries low.

Can I train chest and back muscles 3 times a week?

According to many fitness experts, there are no negative or downsides to training your chest and back muscles twice or thrice a week while keeping your workout intensity and weights in check. Most of the problems that occur are with the people who overdo it without changing the muscle groups. Keep the reps count from 6 to 10 on all exercises with a rest period of at least 90 seconds between two exercises and you’ll do great.

If you ask me including chest and back workout a couple of times in your weekly routine with a dedicated rest day helps you to utilize the synthesized muscle protein and enhance your core strength and muscle gains.

Final Thoughts?

A well-curated superset of Chest and Back Workout multiple times a week is not only feasible but also recommended if you want to make substantial muscle gains. You can pick two other pieces of training days along with your chest and back workout days with a dedicated rest day in-between. Don’t try to go too hard with the exercises as it will impact your recovery. You can organize the workout based on your goals with muscle gains, weak muscle groups, and strength development.

You can perform all the exercises with a set of dumbbells and barbells or you can even try INNSTAR PORTABLE GYM 3.0 which eliminates the need for multiple types of equipment and is easy to travel with.

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