Effective Resistance Bands workout for weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most sought after goal for everyone who made a resolution to get physically fit. Burning the excessive body fat and building lean muscles to get a toned body is the dream for fitness enthusiasts. Generally, when people associate weight loss with doing cardio in the gym tirelessly. It has only been a recent development that people are choosing resistance bands workout for weight loss and muscle building. Though resistance bands workout is gaining popularity, but still some people are sceptical when it comes to losing weight using resistance bands.

It is true that the sure shot ways of losing weight are exercise and dieting. Most exercises can be performed with bodyweight but adding resistance bands increases the intensity of your workouts and burn calories faster. Resistance bands workout creates extra tension on your muscles while working out which leads to small tears in the muscles. While we rest after the workouts, these small tears help in muscles building activity.

As you know very well, that a muscular body is a fat burning machine. Once your body has developed muscles, the metabolism of the body improves. This leads to faster burning of fat and help maintain your lean physique.

What are the best resistance bands for weight loss workout?

41” loop resistance bands are the most recommended when it comes to weight loss activity because they are the most versatile types of resistance bands available in the market. They can be used to perform many resistance bands workout such as squats, curls, presses, pull ups, push ups, banded box jumps etc. They are also good for stretching before the workouts to warm up so as to reduce the chances of injury.

What are some of the resistance bands workout for losing weight?

Now, that you know about the effectiveness of resistance bands for losing weight, you must also be acquainted with some resistance bands workout that will help you in your fitness journey. The following are the top seven exercises for you:

  1. Plank Hold

It is one of the best exercise for lower body which targets your shoulders, glutes, middle back, lower back and abs.

For doing a plank hold, you need to put a resistance band around your waist. Put your palms and feet on the floor and then ease your fingers into the handles of the resistance bands. And then stretch out your legs behind you while still resting your palms on the floor mat. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and then do three sets of this exercise.

  1. Reverse crunches

You can use the ankle resistance bands for this workout. This resistance bands workout helps to burn your belly fat and maintain your shape. The main muscles targeted in this resistance bands workout are quads, hamstrings, glutes, upper abs, middle abs, and lower abs. 

For doing reverse crunches, you need to tie nylon in the middle of the ankle resistance band. Tie this nylon at the leg of the table or any other sturdy surface. Next, lay flat on the ground facing the door with the band around both of your ankles. Your knees should be bent, and your feet must be flat on the ground. Put your palms on the ground and place your hands by your sides. Make sure your legs are sufficiently separated from the cot or door. Take this as your starting point. Exhale deeply and lift your feet up off the ground. Raise your legs up toward your chest while keeping them bent. As you do this, your back should be parallel to the floor. Stretching your legs slowly apart from your chest while taking a deep breath. Your legs shouldn’t rest on the ground. At least three times, complete 12 sets of the reverse crunch.

  1. Bicycle Crunches

For this resistance bands workout, you will need flat loop resistance band. The main muscles targeted by bicycle crunches are hamstrings, glutes, abs, quads, lats and oblique.

Put the small continuous loop band on your shoelaces or the upper portion of your shoes. Keep your feet flat on the ground and place your back flat on the floor while bending your knees. Put your fingertips, thumbs behind your ears, and the remaining fingers on the middle of your head to support it. Throughout, maintain your arms straight and your head raised. Your beginning point ought to be here. Lift your legs off the ground and start riding a bicycle that isn’t there. Alternatively, stretch your right leg while bringing it nearer your chest. Move your body to the left while doing this, then move your right elbow to your right knee.

  1. Hip Flexion

This workout targets your lower abs, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

For doing this resistance bands workout of hip flexion, one of the ankle attachments should be placed on your left leg, and the other end should be secured to a sturdy object, like a table or cot leg. Make sure your left leg is far enough from the cot so you can feel the impedance while facing the opposite side of the cot. With your knees slightly bent, step forward with your right foot. Move your right fist toward your chest while extending your left elbow.Ideally, your left arm is behind your back. Stretch your right knee, then lift up your left leg. Then, raise your right arm to your chest while extending your right elbow. Behind your back, extend your left arm. You’ll be able to perform your manoeuvre more precisely and steadily if you do this. After lowering it, return your left leg to its initial position.

  1. Side Leg Deadlift

The target areas in this resistance bands workout are quads, hamstrings, hips, glutes and lower abs. For this, you will need resistance bands with handles.

Put the band beneath the right foot’s arches. As you pull the resistance band toward your chest, keep a firm grasp on the grips. Keep your chest out, roll your shoulders back, and maintain a hip-width distance between your feet. Bend your right knee just a little while raising your left foot back at a 90-degree angle. Try to align your torso (upper body) with the floor by slightly bending it. After around five seconds, release the pose and return to your starting position. Then, follow it up with three sets of ten repetitions for the other leg.

  1. Hamstring curls

A tube resistance bands with ankle attachments is great for weight loss in general. They mainly target your three body parts which are glutes, quads and hamstrings.

In order to perform this resistance bands workout you need to fasten the resistance band on a cot or table nearby and then place the ankle attachments on your left ankle. Then lie flat on your stomach and place both your arms on top of each other. Then lift up your left leg till your shin gets perpendicular to the ground.  Then slowly bring your leg to the starting position and then repeat this exercise for your right leg too. 3 sets of 15 reps each should be done.

  1. Lunges

Put your band beneath the left foot’s curved arch. With your left foot, advance one step. Flex your elbows while keeping your hands close to your shoulder blades and gently bending your legs. Take this as your starting point. Drop to your right knee. Make sure your left thigh and shin are in line. Raise your right leg behind you as you return to the beginning position. Lean forward and place your right foot firmly on the ground. Similarly, extend your right leg. Do two sets of lunges with 12 repetitions each.The following are the top seven exercises for you:

Some Parting Thoughts…….

These resistance bands workout using resistance bands are not only very effective, but affordable and can be performed from the ease of your household. You can burn calories and loose that stubborn fat and look fabulous.

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