6 Reasons Why Innstar Resistance Bands Are Best Resistance Bands

The resistance bands started gaining popularity in the late 20th century when they were used mainly by chiropractors and physiotherapists for rehabilitation purposes. 

The use of resistance bands in the mainstream fitness scene came in vogue in the last few decades and, since then, has been an essential and irreplaceable fitness tool for fitness connoisseurs and novices alike. 

What makes Resistance bands so unique?

It might look like a simple large rubber band, but it can work wonders for your muscle and strength training. Being affordable, versatile, and portable are a few characteristics that make resistance bands the first choice for a fitness novice or a fitness veteran.

Research-backed claims prove that resistance bands can be used to increase strength and stability. They can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that engages almost every muscle group in the entire body, hence working wonders for body weight training exercises.

Why Choose Innstar Resistance Bands?

Innstar resistance bands are lightweight and portable. Their impeccable quality in an affordable price bracket sets them apart from their contemporaries. The benefits you can reap from Instar resistance bands are far more than what you will get n a month’s membership at the gym. 

Incredibly Cheap And Pocket Friendly 

Innstar resistance bands are very affordable and are in everyone’s capacity to purchase. Our most expensive and premium product costs you less than $200, less than a month’s membership to many gyms. 

Adaptable to Multiple Fitness Levels 

A good set of resistance bands can take you from a beginner and make you buff. Innstar resistance bands come in various resistance ranges because you have both strong and weak muscles in your body. The varying tension levels of your resistance bands can be adjusted to add or decrease intensity to a workout to ease tension on weaker muscles and work up your stronger muscles. 


Training with Innstar resistance bands translates to training every aspect of fitness and performance as it makes bodyweight training a very convenient thing. Our resistance bands provide diverse functions by giving a great range of adaptability.

Innstar resistance bands


Innstar Resistance bands take up very little space and can be taken anywhere because they legit fit in a backpack. Our portable gym is the best fit if you travel a lot or don’t want to waste the extra hours commuting to the gym. 

Effective Workouts

Resistance bands are highly effective in developing muscle tone, increasing strength, and improving overall balance, stability, and coordination in less time. They also maximize the results of body weight exercises.

Great For Recovery Of Injury

Innstar bands can accelerate the recovery process of sports-related or accidental muscle injury because they are safe and control crucial joints like shoulders, hips and knees. Because of controlled movements, you can target weak muscles and aid the process of healing by isolating muscle groups. 

The different levels of resistance:

Light Resistance Bands 

Light resistance bands are for beginners, people recovering from injury, or elderly users. Since this group is just starting to build strength and doesn’t need much strenuous exercise, they require very light resistance. These bands offer about 5.0 to 8.0 lbs of resistance.

Medium Resistance Bands 

These are good for strength training workouts. Starting at 8.0lbs and spanning upto12.0 lbs or a little more resistance, medium resistance bands give enough tension for strength workout routines. 

Heavy Resistance Bands 

These bands ascend to tension levels that offer enough resistance for active users who work out regularly. Heavy resistance bands offer 13 lbs or more of resistance. Innstar Resistance Bands Set 43LB provides you with two resistance bands, 1×25lb, and 1×18lb, which is a perfect fit for people looking for resistance bands in this resistance range. 

Extra-Heavy Resistance Bands 

Extra-heavy bands are Innstar’s most prized possessions. Resistance bands with this range are generally reserved for the strongest and most experienced users. These bands can offer over 28 lb of resistance during a workout. INNSTAR Resistance Bands Set 210 LB comes with Four resistance bands with two resistance levels of 2 x 45 and 2 x 60Lbs each, which is a perfect choice for fitness experts.

Innstarbands sell Resistance bands in sets with different levels of resistance to give you a wide range of resistance for upper and lower body workouts. We also provide 

1x Door Anchors.

1 x Multi-Function Strap.

 2 x Handles.

 2 x Ankle Straps.

 1 x Carry Bag

 1 x Workout Guide. 

with almost every set to ease the exercise process for you. 

Resistance Bands Workouts

1.Band Assisted Workout For Glutes

Hip abduction Exercise

Targeted Muscle Group – Glutes

This exercise can help to strengthen and sculpt your hips.

How To – 

Stand close to a wall and hold on to it with your hand for support. Place a resistance band around your ankles. If the band’s tension is too high, adjust the resistance by moving the band above your knees. Raise your right leg to the side and squeeze your outer glute. Keep your body straight without bending your torso. Return to the starting position. Do all repetitions on one side, then switch to the other side.

Suggested Resistance Bands: For hip workouts, we have a unique set of resistance bands with a resistance range of 30.0 lb, 50.0lb, and 70.0 lb. This range is dedicated to sculpting hips and can assert enough tension to strengthen glute muscles.


2. Resistance Bands Workout For Upper Body

Resistance Band Crossover Exercise 

Targeted muscle group – obliques and abs. 

How To –

Place a resistance band around a stationary post-like door. Insert Innstar door anchor to the bottom and face away from the door. Grab the handles and step forward until you feel the tension in the band. Keep your arms parallel to the floor and perpendicular to your torso. Engage your abs and stand straight with your shoulders back. Focus on keeping your arms straight as you bring them across your chest in a semicircular motion. Exhale as you get them to the front and hold the contraction for a second. Switch up the top hand with each rep. Repeat for two to four sets of 10 to 20 slow and controlled reps.

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3.Resistance Bands Workout For Lower Body


Anchor the bands to a stationary post, grab both handles, and then step in the band’s middle with your right foot. Position both hands over the shoulders and step back with your left foot. Keep back straight and core tight. Shoulders should continue to stay over the hips. Please take a deep breath and drop the knee until it’s a few inches from floor. Exhale as you come back up to standing, pressing the right heel into the floor to engage the muscles on the back of the upper leg. Repeat for the desired number of reps, then switch sides.


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Resistance bands are cute, convenient, colorful, and simply a total packed gym. If you still don’t believe us, then can you vouch as much for any other training tool that allows ANYONE to:

1. Train anywhere (even while traveling)

2. Train at any intensity

3. Train any exercise at any given time

4. Transport an Unlimited Resistance in a backpack

5. Set up a home gym for less than $50

6. Take their home gym to a campsite or exotic beach holiday

7. Alter their training routine instantly as per requirements. 

If your answer is No, then you shouldn’t perhaps waste any more time surfing the benefits of resistance bands. Instead, it would be best if you started reaping them Asap by adding them to the cart. Every month, we get thousands of buyers who visit our website as skeptics and then turn to hardcore resistance band stans. 

Read the reviews from our buyers here and start your fitness journey ASAP. 

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