Best HIIT Workout At Home: No Equipment Needed (Moderate To Advance Level)

HIIT With Weight

HIIT With Weights has gained popularity due to the effective best HIIT workout at home. When it is done it improves heart rate, enhances, endurance and burns fat faster. It is a style of workout in which the participant does exercises with as much effort as possible for short time and each session consists of multiple rounds.

Your intensity must be high while doing it. Sometimes it becomes boring to stick to the same workout routine in the gym.

Let’s understand more about High-Intensity Interval Training

The said workout consists of short bursts of intense exercises with a small rest period. Anyone who has a sports background and wants to make their career in it must involve it in their workout. It is all about performing your maximum ability in a short time. The workout may be short as 15-20 minutes but its impact is fast. These workouts can be performed by using numerous exercise methods like running, cycling, walking, swimming, bodyweight exercises, and strength training. It burns more calories as compared to traditional workouts.

When you start the training workout it would be better to start with one set of training workouts per week and then as you feel comfortable in one then add a second set of training. It includes any exercises with equipment or without equipment. HIIT has different workouts and there are many ways to perform it. You can do this workout on the treadmill, on a bike or with a dumbbell. You can even do them without any equipment.

In this article, we will discuss HIIT with weights.

It is the most effective way to burn fat and improve heart health. This allows you to work on your full body in a short duration. This workout style is known as metabolic resistance training. 

HIIT With weights
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Benefits of Best HIIT Workout At Home

It is a workout that will make you sweat in just 10 minutes. This is an effective way to get fit and burn more calories in a small duration of exercise.

Burn fat after your workout finished

You can burn calories even your training is finished. This is one of the biggest benefits. This is due to EPOC excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Epoc is the process in which the increased oxygen level is consumed by the body and calories that are burnt out during the workout.

Perfect for a busy schedule
You do not need to take an hour from your busy schedule. One can perform this training during the lunch break or just in ten minutes.

Best to weight loss

This workout is best for those, who are trying to lose weight. The workout force your body to use energy from fat instead of carbs. When you are on diet it is hard to lose weight by maintaining your muscles. But HIIT prevents your muscles and burn the maximum fat during the workout.

Controls your appetite for best HIIT workout At Home

People who sometimes do overeating HIIT is best for them. The intensity of workout results in decreasing the amount of ghrelin. Ghrelin is an appetite-regulating hormone that helps in reducing appetite. While working out this session, your blood sugar and blood lactate level increase for sometimes, this also helps in reducing the appetite.

Can be done by anyone

Anyone of any age and size can do HIIT. You can start slowly for the first time but gradually you can build up your interval training exercises and increase your session. You can take the help of a personal trainer if you are not sure where to start.

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Exercises For Best HIIT Workout At Home With Weights

1. Alternating lateral lunges

Stand with the feet hip-width apart and hold one dumbbell in each hand with palm facing in. Take a step to your right side while leaving your left leg straight, sit on the right side. Try to touch both hands to the floor. Do the same process with the left leg. Take small rest in between the sets. Repeat this process 8-10 times. This exercise targets your glutes, legs, quads, inner thighs and outer thighs.

2. Squat With Dumbbell

Stand on feet with shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbell in one hand grasp it just below the chin like you are holding a goblet. Now perform the squat. Come back to the starting position. This is the best way to get your lower body stronger. Perform at least three sets with 30 seconds rest after each set. Doing your session by adding a dumbbell will burn more calories and gain muscles.

3. Dumbbell Burpees

Burpees is complex for some people adding weight to this exercise makes it more difficult. To get more results you should try dumbbell burpees. Burpees is a combination of many exercises like squats, jump and pushups. It is a full-body fat burning exercise that burns many calories. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and stand straight with your feet hip-width apart.

Keep your hip back bend your knees and form a squat position. Place the dumbbell on the floor and kick your legs behind. Your body should be in a plank position. Do one pushup now jump your feet back and stand in starting position. Perform as many reps possible in 60 seconds and then take 30 seconds rest.

Mistakes to avoid while doing HIIT

Eat properly before the workout

When you do HIIT your body release lots of energy. Before starting the workout your stomach must not growl with hunger. Drink the proper amount of water to avoid dehydration. If you have not eaten before the workout you will not have the proper energy to complete the workout. Eat protein-containing healthy food like fish, egg, banana, almonds, oatmeal, etc. You should eat before two hours of the workout so that your stomach gets time to digest it.

Workout more best HIIT workout At Home

You have surely listened to that as much as you do the workout it would be better. But this is not the case with this workout. Less is more when it comes to this training. If you do this more often your body will break down. You will face stress fractures and fatigue. You must do the said workout three times maximum in a week. This will recover your body fastly.

Technique is wrong best HIIT workout At Home

The technique is important while doing any kind of exercise lifting weights or performing best hiit workout at home. Your exercise will be ineffective if your technique is wrong even you may get injured. There is a lot of intensity required in this and it should not be done in the wrong form. Before you start the workout make sure you have enough energy and your technique will be right throughout the workout.

Lifting heavy weights for best HIIT workout At Home

HIIT sessions include high-intensity exercises and short rest periods. It is best to use lightweights and high repetition while you are doing it with weights. Avoid jerks, Olympic style lifts and snatches.

Skipping the warm-up for the best HIIT workout At Home

Warm-up is very important before doing any workout. It makes your muscles ready for the best HIIT workout At Home session. There is no rush take your time for warm-up. Preparation is the focal point for success. You will require to get your body ready to start the session to avoid the risk of strains and injuries.

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Should You Do HIIT Before or After Weights?

HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) is a combination of cardiovascular and weight training and is somewhat similar to CrossFit as well. The idea behind HIIT is to max out an exercise and then hit pause so that your heart rate goes high and then suddenly goes down. It is great to increase your stamina and for losing fat as well.

Now comes the question that whether it can be done before or after weight training. Our advice is that it should not be done on the same day or at least not on the same session because HIIT will deplete your stored glycogen level and it takes time to regain it.

Is a 20 minute HIIT workout enough?

Yes, 20 minute HIIT workout is enough. It is the best way to burn the maximum number of calories. You should be high on intensity and must perform the exercise correctly. It will improve your flexibility, mobility and will elevate your heart rate.

20 minutes of this workout will improve your blood flow and increase the production of chemicals like dopamine and serotine. Both are considered feel-good hormones. 10-20 minutes work out is best. If you extend the timing of the work out it will be difficult to recover your body.

Should I do HIIT or weight training?

HIIT and weight training both are the best ways to keep your body fit. Your workout should depend on the combination of both exercises on alternate days.

You can also do weight training in the form of HIIT. It focuses less on building bigger muscles its main focus point is to perform exercises with high intensity in large volume reps to increase the heart rate. You should do both HIIT and weight training but on different days. When you do both on the same day you may feel fatigued which may cause injuries.


Best HIIT workout At Home works best due to reason, that you burn more calories and more body fat even after the session ends. It is a quick and efficient workout your effort must be maximized your efforts. In this workout, you are at your maximum capacity so it is very necessary to warm up, focus, and give break to yourself.

Now you know a bit more about best HIIT workout At Home and its benefits, now it’s time to include it in your routine. These workouts are awesome make sure you are ready to complete it before starting. To get the maximum benefits you have to do it with correct techniques. If you are feeling that you are doing a workout in the wrong form immediately stop it.

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