10 Best Quality Resistance Bands to Buy in 2021 for Home or Travel

10 best resistance bands set

All the recommendations made by our experts are based on their shortlisting process and personal experiences with the products. We may earn a small commission if you buy through links on our site. in This post the best quality resistance bands are listed for the customer information only.
best resistance band to buy

If you’re looking for a versatile best quality resistance bands system that you can use at home and travel, we recommend INNSTAR PORTABLE GYM 3.0 SYSTEM by Innstar Bands.

Resistance bands are the best alternative for traditional bulky workout machines. If you’re short on the  space and budget also when it comes at-home gym setup, investing in a sweet set of resistance bands is a smart choice you will make .

While resistance bands may weigh only a couple of pounds and are just a few inches thick, they are highly flexible and offer a wide range of resistance which is as par as the traditional weights.

Small size, variable resistance, portability, wide-angle of movements, and affordable price make best quality resistance bands a perfect choice for Fitbits around the globe.

To help you get started, here are the 10 best Quality resistance bands you can buy in 2021


 10. Best for beginners: Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

Number of bands: 5 | Other accessories: Carrying bag | Tension range: Upto 75lbs | Material: Natural Latex

If you’re just starting out or want to add a little resistance to your lower body workouts, Fit Simplify best quality Resistance Bands Set is the perfect match for you. 

It comes with 5 variable resistance levels from 2 to 30lbs which can be used together to build a resistance capacity of 75lbs.

The package consists of five resistance bands in a carry pouch with a maintenance pamphlet.

These bands are stretchy enough and can be a perfect match for people going through physical therapy. 

Buy at Amazon for $9.95

9. Best for glute: Innstar Booty Bands

innstar booty bands

Number of bands: 2 | Other accessories: Carrying bag, ankle straps, door anchors | Tension range:  30- 70.5lbs | Material: Hybrid fabric latex

As you may know that glutes are the biggest muscles in your body.

Training the glute muscles and lower body requires more powerful resistance than offered by regular resistance bands to grow.

Innstar booty bands set come with two hybrid latex best quality resistance bands with resistance levels ranging from 30lbs to 70lbs.

The set also includes ankle straps and door anchors which allows you to perform a variety of movement to train your legs, shoulders, and back.

Buy at Amazon for $66

8. Best for pull-ups: Undersun Pull-Up Assistance

Number of bands: 5 | Other accessories: Anchor & Carrying bag | Tension range: 5-120lbs | Material: Natural Latex

There aren’t enough good Pull-ups assistance bands in the market.  And our goal was to find an assistance band that can provide versatility to your routine along with just pull-up workouts.

Undersun is definitely an unbeatable player when it comes to  Pull-Up Resistance Bands.

The pack consists of five latex pull-up bands, which promise to give you that extra strength for the lifts you need. The pack also includes a door anchor to facilitates you during HIIT.

The bands offer the best quality resistance bands ranging between 5 to 120lbs, and can also be used to challenge any powerlifting session and assist with stretching and mobility.

Buy at Amazon for $69.95


7. Best for bodybuilding: Bodyboss 2.0 Gym System

Number of bands: 2 | Other accessories:  Door Anchors, Vectorfit base, Collapsible bar, Handles, & Limb straps | Tension range: Upto 30lbs | Material: Hybrid Latex

Looking for an affordable home gym system to train your muscles and bodybuilding?

The BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym is designed for this. The set consists of Two fabric-covered resistance tubes, with 30 pounds of resistance each.

And as it’s a portable gym system, the set also comes with two handles, two ankle straps, and a door anchor, a vector fit base, and a barbell.  

It comes with a Free Start-Up Workout Program and guidebook. 

Buy at Amazon for $168


6. Best tube: Whatafit Best Quality Resistance Bands

Number of bands: 5 | Other accessories: Anchor, Handles & Carrying bag | Tension range: 10-50lbs | Material: Natural Latex

There was always a never-ending debate whether tube bands are better than loop bands?

The answer is simple if you want to work and concentrate pressure on a specific point use tube bands.

And I picked Whatafit best quality resistance bands as it includes everything you’ll need to conquer a full-body workout.

The set includes 5 bands with resistance levels ranging from 10-50 lbs. If you are looking to level up, you can stack up all five for a combined resistance of 150lbs.

It comes with soft-grip handles, a door anchor, an ankle strap, and an exercise chart with a nylon pouch to carry them with you.

Buy at Amazon for $29.99


5. Best non-slip: Renoj Resistance Band

Number of bands: 3 | Other accessories: None | Tension range: 20-70lbs | Material: Fabric

One of the advantages of Fabric bands is it saves you from uncomfortable bunching and slipperiness.

 Renoj is a top-rated Fabric set with 18,000+ reviews.

The set consists of  3 different resistance levels of Light, Medium, and Heavy, perfect for glute and lower-body workouts with a range of 20-70lbs.

Interestingly, Each band is the same size, light, and durable.

Buy at Amazon for $14.44

4. Best for flexibility: Theraband Set Multi best quality resistance bands

Number of bands: 3 | Other accessories: None | Tension range: 3-4.6lbs | Material: Natural Rubber 

Theraband is undoubtedly one of the most popular resistance bands. This is the one band you need for improving circulation and flexibility.

You can also perform aquatic workouts and hydrotherapy exercises with the best quality resistance bands range of 3-4.6lbs. I love them because there are loops within the bands, which make it easier to do a variety of moves and allows you to train with dumbbells simultaneously.

Buy at Amazon for $16.33

3. Best loop:
WodFitters Best Quality Resistance Bands

Number of bands: 4 | Other accessories: None | Tension range: 10-150lbs | Material: Natural Latex

WodFitter Resistance Bands set isn’t only the best loop band available in the market but also one of the toughest.

It comes in four different varieties, and they’re made with fused latex sheets.

While the strongest band can withstand 150 pounds of tension, and can be used for shoulders, arms, and pull-ups workout.

 You don’t get any extra accessories or instructions with these resistance bands.

Buy at Amazon for $69.99

2. Best for travel: GymBandit Best Quality Resistance Bands

Number of bands: 5 | Other accessories: Carrying bag | Tension range: 10-60lbs | Material: Natural Latex

Love traveling but hate compromising with your workout routines?

Gymbandit might be the best quality resistance bands you need.

If you ask me they aren’t just some prettiest exercise bands. These mini-bands are extremely durable for their size. It comes with a mini pouch which makes it super easy to carry them wherever you go.

GymBandit bands are  100%  natural latex, they hold from 10-60lbs of resistance.

Buy at Amazon for $14.99

1. Best overall: Innstar Portable 3.0 Gym System Best Quality Resistance Bands

innstar portable gym 3.0 system

Number of bands: 1 Belt + 4 Bands | Other accessories: Collapsible bar, door anchors, pull bars, handles, carry bag | Tension range: 49-200lbs | Material: Fabric

We created Innstar to solve the existing problems with the resistance bands related to functionality, customization, portability, and durability.

If you want a complete portable Best Quality Resistance Bands System that can perform over one hundred workouts without the need for any other types of equipment or accessories, look no further!

Innstar portable 3.0 comes with a loop-based belt with plug-and-play resistance tubes to adjust the resistance levels. The set also includes a collapsible bench press bar, door anchors, handles, and pull straps.

It is perfect for home workouts and can be carried during travel in the bag that is included in this package.

Our Expert Choice 4.8/5

Buy Now for $159.99


Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

It is a well evident fact that strength, flexibility, and mobility training using elastic resistance appear to be equally effective in inducing high muscle activity as traditional iso-inertial resistance.

Resistance bands made workout accessible for a wide range of population and have unique benefits over the classic gym equipment:

They suit multiple levels of fitness

 It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, resistance bands won’t disappoint you. You can choose among a wide range of resistance levels and workouts with resistance bands. Resistance bands offer control over your movements– as training with them requires real focus on the feel of each exercise to maintain tension on the bands throughout the workout.

They are cost-effective

Beginner-level resistance bands literally cost less than your monthly gym subscription fees, starting at $10. Even a complete portable best quality resistance bands system like Innstar Portable 3.0 Gym set is 10x cheaper than your traditional workout machines or what you would spend in your Gym fees over a year.

While a traditional workout home gym system can cost anything between $500-$2000. You can get a full resistance band system for under $200. 

Do you know what’s the best part is?

Unlike gym membership which is subscription-based and recurring, buying a resistance band system is a one-time investment.

They complement other equipment very well

Resistance bands can be used solely and with other training, pieces of equipment to enhance your workout experience. Resistance bands can go well with dumbells to perform shoulder press, one-arm swing, lunge, and bicep curls. You can also add on pull-up assistance bands in your regular pull-up workout with the bars.

Whether it’s functional training, strength-based workouts, or CrossFit exercises adding resistance bands will not only enhance your performance but also helps you to train better by allowing you to create resistance from all directions and gain more control over the movements. 

According to this study  by  Dr.Mauricio Krause showed that the effects of combined bodyweight-based and elastic bands resistance training are highly positive.

They are travel friendly

As mentioned earlier; What makes the resistance band popular among the people who frequently travel is its lightweight, size, and strength.

Typical resistance bands weigh less than a couple of pounds yet offer amazing resistance levels which are as per the bulky gym pieces of equipment. Its small and compatible size of few inches makes them the best travel buddy.

Moreover, you can work out anytime, anywhere with the minimal set-up requirements on your trip. Just take your resistance bands out of the bag and get started.

They offer a wide range of workouts

The major limitation of the traditional system is the range of exercises a typical system can offer. In most cases, you have to buy multiple setups for your daily routine.

While with best quality resistance bands you can perform several exercises with the same efficiency without any additional requirements. 

How to Choose and What to Look in a Best Quality Resistance Bands

Workout Goals

Though resistance bands offer a wide range of workouts it’s always a good idea to predefined your goals with them and chooses accordingly from the list above.

Unless and until you’re considering a portable resistance band system like INNSTAR Portable Gym 3.0, you can buy a couple of bands that fit your needs.

Generally speaking, if you want to perform exercises like squats, deadlifts, arm stretches that focus on the overall distribution of the weight buys loop-based bands. On the other hand muscles building exercises of the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest region are best accompanied by tube-based bands.

Resistance Level

You know, the resistance level is the foremost factor you should consider while choosing a band. 

Just like the free weights, resistance bands vary over a range of resistance levels from 2-5 lbs to 200 lbs.

Find a set with a minimum weight you need for arms, triceps, and upper body parts exercises, and maximum weight for legs, back, and shoulder.

You can buy multiple bands or a belt system with detachable resistance bands.

Budget &  Durability

Resistance bands are dirt cheap. Forget about comparing with the gym memberships,  you can buy a decent resistance band for the price of a coffee!

While planning your budget for the resistance band consider factors like your experience level, workout requirements, fitness goals, and time frame. You can’t expect a ten-dollar band to last for more than a couple of months at best. 

There are also limitations with the range of exercises you can perform with those cheap bands. If you’re serious about your workout consider spending a few hundred on portable solutions from our list.

Material of Band

The majority of the resistance bands are made of natural latex or rubber to offer a high resistance level at a lower cost.
Natural latex has high durability and fatigue strength compared to other materials but is slippery and not the best option when it comes to lower body workouts. They are not the best choice if you have a skin allergy.

Fabric bands solve this problem and are widely used as glute, and leg resistance bands.

Although fabric-based bands are lighter and offer more resistance levels than latex bands, they have a shorter life span as compared to latex bands.

Portablity & Add-ons

I would say this, “A band is as good as its accessories”. The ability to customize and attach your bands with the different props eliminates the need of having multiple pieces of equipment for exercise.

If you’re someone who likes to perform chest press, standing row, tricep extension, or low-high woodchip get yourself a door anchor. Similarly, to perform a bench press you might need a bench bar. You can also consider ankle cuffs for crunches. I would recommend you to buy a set which comes with all the accessories and add-ons in the first place.

Do resistance bands build muscles?

Resistance bands can be a game-changer if you’re looking to build muscles. Their flexibility, variety of movements, and variable resistance level helps in muscle growth and toning the muscles.

You can choose between tube or loop resistance bands based on the body areas you want to focus on.

Chest press, bench press, bicep curls, legs stretch, lunges, planks, and pull apart are some of the many exercises which you can perform with resistance bands to build your muscle strength.

Can I use resistance bands everyday?

There is no disadvantage to using a resistance band every day. You can use resistance bands for daily workout routines or can stick to a 4-5 days a week workout schedule.

Resistance bands are good companions for your flexibility, mobility, strength, and functionality workouts.

For optimal results from a resistance training program, a five days workout week is perfect.

Do resistance bands burn fat?

Resistance bands can accelerate the growth of muscles and increase the oxygen intake to recover the muscles which elevates the fat loss. It helps to improve the fat loss at resting metabolic rate.

A good scheduled workout session combined with a planned diet can give a long-term benefit in losing fat. In short resistance bands helps in burning fat by increasing after-burn after exercise and muscle growth.



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