All About HIRT Workout – How-To, Benefits & Exercises (5 Min Expert Guide)


You have heard a lot about HIIT workout but do know about HIRT? HIRT is high-intensity resistance training. During HIIT workout you perform short, intense and highly focused blocks in a short recovery time. These workouts are designed in the form of a circuit with a series of strength exercises. All the circuits are completed without the rest but you may take a short break in between the circuit completion. It helps in strengthening and building lean muscles and maintains and builds bone density. And also it supports weight loss and boosts metabolism. You can use dumbbells and a resistance band for the workout.


HIRT is a slower version of HIIT. It burns more calories as compared to other forms of exercise. While HIRT workout gives you the ability to put full effort into your movement. Both workouts require short resting time. Sometimes HIIT may cause fatigue but this is not the case in latter. The body recovers faster in HIRT as compared to HIIT. It is more inclined to strength training whereas HIIT is towards cardio. The said hirt workout includes the use of resistance bands, weights and machines that create resistance. HIRT is an alternative to HIIT. It increases the rest period and reduces the stress that you feel in HIIT.


Why you should include HIRT workout in your Routine

If you are not much interested in your cardio session or you getting bored with your HIIT workout then it is the best time to include a HIRT session in your workout. It is more effective in burning calories and fat faster. And It includes weight and strength training in its session. HIRT workouts improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

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Exercises that you can include in the HIRT Workout

1. Resistance Band Squats

The resistance band squat is a lower-body exercise that strengthens your glutes and legs by adding some extra resistance from the band. This is a fantastic exercise that will enhance the benefits of a standard squat. Stand straight on the band with feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the handles of the band next to the shoulders so that band is behind the back of your arms. Now gradually sit down into a squat position and keep your abdominal muscles tight and chest lifted. Now come back to the starting position. By use of resistance band, you will get the power that allows you to sit back on your heels and concentrate on your glutes muscles.

2. Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian deadlifts work on joints, muscle growth and strength. Place a barbell on the floor in front of you. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend down and hold the bar with a wider than shoulder-width grip. Keep your back straight and core tight. You should feel the tension in the hamstring in this position. Lift the barbell upside towards your waist. Keep the barbell close to your body. Repeat this process as much you can.

3. Overhead Press

The overhead press is an upper-body exercise performed to strengthen the deltoids and shoulders. Grab the barbell slightly wider than the shoulder-width apart. The position of the bar must be in the heel of the palm. Make sure that the bar is resting on your clavicle. Your elbows must be pointing down and your forearms are vertical. Make your core tight feet shoulder-width apart. Now press the bar over the head in up-down movement. The bar must be in a straight line when it goes upward.

4. Bent Over Dumbbell Row With Both Hands

Grab a dumbbell in both hands and stand shoulder-width apart on your feet. Slightly bend on your knees and keep your back straight. Now bring the dumbbell up to your chest lift it with your back and arms muscles instead of arms. Lower the dumbbells slowly so that your arms extend again. This exercise targets the upper back, hips, lats, biceps and legs.

5. Step-ups While Holding Dumbbells

Step-ups is simple exercise that can be done in the gym and at home. This works on your body from calves to shoulders. It is a full-body workout. Stand in front of a bench or stairs while holding a set of dumbbells in both hands.

Place your right foot on the bench or stair and rise in a standing position by keeping your right knee and hip straight. Place your left foot slowly on the bench or stairs. To step down place your right leg on the floor and then bring the left bag. Repeat the movement. The closer you will stand to the bench or stair, you will get the better effect on your quadriceps.

Let’s see an example of a HIRT workout:- Session workout to make it more clear about the repetition and resting time. Your workout should look like this.

15 incline dumbbell press
10 resistance band squats
10 burpees
12 bent over dumbbell row with both hands at the same time

Rest for 60 seconds

10 pull up
12 Romanian deadlifts
10 overhead press
20 lunges

Rest for 60 seconds

12 pullups
15 banded press-ups
20 step ups while holding dumbbells
8 hanging leg raises

How to add a HIRT workout?

HIRT and HIIT both depend on intensity. It takes lots of intensity when your body switches from one exercise to another. Have a look at the process to add HIRT workout to your routine.

Make a plan

When you have decided to do HIRT the first thing should be to plan to make. Everything should be mapped out because once you have started the training then you will not get the time to stop and think about what to do next. Collect all the equipment before you start that you will require in the exercise.

Do reps in the range of 6-15

Fewer reps result in muscle mass gain while higher reps result in muscle endurance. Mid-range repetition will give you the strength to complete the workout and stimulate fat loss.

Take rest for 60 to 90 seconds

Keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy things before the workout for at least 2 hours. Do not take a rest in between the sets. Take the rest of 60 to 90 seconds at the of the set.

Give 48 hours to the next HIRT workout

Your body requires time to recover. HIRT workout is an intense full workout. Rest days in your workout is also very important for your body. You may be excited to lose weight but you have to give some time for rest to your body.


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Benefits of HIRT Workout

It is an effective exercise to burn fat. The intensity improves metabolism and you burn calories even after the exercise is done. You can practice several exercises in a short period.

These workouts are not boring

This workout keeps you focused and engaged. The fact is that many people stick to HIRT sessions instead of traditional exercises.

Can be done anywhere

Gym machines are not mandatory in these workouts. This can be done with the help of a kettlebell, dumbbells and resistance band.

A short and effective workout

There is no problem if you are not able to find out the time for another workout, it is best for you, it takes less time to complete and burn more calories.


Can you build muscles with HIRT?

Yes, muscles can be built with High-Intensity Resistance Training. Resistance training stimulates hypertrophy. When you use lighter weights in your training and performs higher repetition, it helps in muscle building and also improves muscle endurance. Hypertrophy is an increase in the size of muscles that is achieved by exercise. Muscles endurance is the ability to perform several repetitions without taking a rest.

What is the best example of high-intensity resistance training?

There are many exercises that you can include in high-intensity resistance training. The focal point of the workout is intensity and rest. You can do this workout training at both home and gym both. Below are the best example for both places.

Session at home
Set 1

15 incline dumbbell press
10 goblet squat
10 burpees
12 bent over dumbbell row

Rest for 60 sec

Set 2

8-10 pull-ups
12 Romanian deadlifts
10 overhead presses
20 lunges

Rest for 60 sec

Set 3

12 close grip pull-ups
15 press-ups
20 step-ups holding dumbbells
8 hanging leg raises

HIRT session at the gym
Set 1

10 barbell back squats
10  Romanian deadlifts barbell
10 bent-over rows barbell 

Rest for 60 seconds
Set 2
12 incline dumbbell press
12 single-arm dumbbell row
12 seated dumbbell overhead press

Rest for 60 seconds
Set 3

15 lat pull down
12 static barbell lunges
10 hanging leg raises
15 kettlebell swings

If you need a longer workout then you can add more superset but do not extend the workout more than 45 minutes.

Last Line

Burn more fat, burn maximum calories and build more muscles with a HIRT workout. This workout is not for everyone but if have not plenty of time and want to put maximum effort in a short time workout, this is for you. You can add hirt workout sessions to your routine and build your muscles. If you are looking for a workout routine that can be fit your busy schedule then it is best for you. Trying a new workout routine will maintain your fitness goal and motivation.

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