7 Best Exercise For Bicep Long Head For Impressive Peaks

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Most people never heard about the best exercise for bicep long head or even what is a long head bicep area and if you’re one of those don’t worry!

When I started out my fitness journey even I was least bothered about the technicalities and more enthusiastic about working out more. Well, it didn’t end well, In a couple of months, I observed I was going nowhere.

The same thing happens with every newbie who joins a gym. They want to increase the size of their biceps; they want them to look attractive and muscular. That’s why they go to the gym and work hard, but they fail to gain muscle even after going to the gym.

The long head of the biceps is a part of the front of the upper arm muscle group. As a result, going all-out with techniques that especially target the long head of the biceps isn’t necessary. In this article, we’ll tell you what kind of workout regimen you require, how many reps you need, and the 7 best long head biceps exercises. This guide is for you if you’re seeking to reach the peaks.

Long Head Bicep

Why is it necessary to isolate the best exercise for bicep long head?

You can quickly spend too much or too little effort on the long head of the biceps if you don’t pay close attention to the type and method of the best exercise for bicep long head. This is most common in people who only do typical dumbbell curls. And it becomes even more problematic when the position of your body is not right.

Many gym-goers try with the heaviest weight with which they can complete a biceps curl practice. They can lift the dumbbell with good form a few times, but then their body position begins to shift.

After this, the rocking motion begins to gain some momentum and becomes a crap-like exercise. Not only does this provide maximum benefits for muscle growth, but you can end up targeting a lot of small heads at that point.

What does the long head of the biceps do?

The long head of the biceps is responsible for stabilizing the humeral head in the glenoid during strong elbow flexion and forearm supination by the main muscle. When the intra-articular portion of this tendon is sacrificed during shoulder surgery, it might result in instability and dysfunction.

How can I peak my biceps fast? 

You decide on one such day in a week, on which day you have to train biceps, triceps, and forearms together. When you are fresh, and your glycogen content is full, then doing biceps exercises at that time gives good results soon. The bodily parts on which you work outgrow quickly, but this does not happen when you are tired.

Always use a thick barbell

To promote muscle size and strength, thick rods are typically used. This promotes biceps development and strengthens the upper body. It works harder than individuals who exercise with a thinner rod.

Train Forearms

To impress people, it is not enough just to build biceps. You should also strengthen your forearms. If your forearms are thin, it’s pointless to increase your biceps and triceps because your biceps will stay thin.

Take Care Of The Elbows

Two things are essential. First, your biceps should always be big and look good. Keep in mind that your arms will look bigger only if you are thin.

Second, always take care of your elbow so that it does not get injured. Because the elbow is injured, the growth of the biceps stops, and it becomes weak.

Do Different Exercises

If someone trains you to do a certain workout or follow a certain program to improve a bodily part, assume something is wrong. Muscles differ from person to person. The length of the abdominal muscles and the process of muscle fiber formation are also distinct. That’s why every person’s body reacts differently, so we suggest that by doing different exercises, choose the right exercise for yourself.

7 Best Exercise For Bicep Long Head

Dumbbell Curls

To do the dumbbell curl exercise, you have to choose dumbbells according to your ability. If you are a beginner, then start with five kg dumbbells, but if you are having trouble with this, then you can start with less. This exercise is very easy.

How to do:

  • Take dumbbells in both your hands and stand straight. Your legs should also be open.
  • Raise the dumbbells in the hands and keep the hands straight down.
  • Before lifting the weight, breathe in and then exhale.
  • Now lift one dumbbell upwards in such a way that the long head of your forearm and bicep touch each other.
  • Now bring this hand to the normal position. Similarly, repeat this exercise with the other hand.
  • Doing 10-10 curls with both hands will complete one set.

Rep: 5-7 sets

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Dumbbell Hammer Curl is the only simple variation, which targets the extras of Arms for more strength and size. Some people believe that it can improve your grip by increasing the stability of your wrist.

How to do:

  • Stand straight with dumbbells in both hands. Your elbows should touch your torso, and your palms should also be towards the body.
  • Now lift the dumbbell with the right hand and bring it to the line of your shoulders. Take it with you in the meantime.
  • After staying in this position for a few seconds, exhale while taking the dumbbells down.
  • After doing this once, do the same process with the left-hand next time. Do 10-10 curls with each hand.

Rep: 5-7 sets

Concentration Curls

The third exercise for long head exercises is the concentration curl. This exercise hits the long head of the biceps. The biceps are activated the most in this exercise.

How to do:

  • Use a bench or stool to do this exercise.
  • Try to keep the back straight.
  • Keep elbows locked as you squat.
  • Lift the dumbbell upwards
  • When you lift the dumbbell upwards, slightly rotate the wrist.
  • Do this 10-10 times with each hand.

Rep: 3 sets

Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is an exercise to train the long head muscles. In this, you have to use the Incline bench because your biceps are stretched and remain directly. For this, you can use the dumb of lightweight first, then gradually increase the weight according to your ability.

How to do:

  • To do this exercise, first, you will need an Incline Bench. Your Incline Bench should be at 45 degrees.  
  • In this, your upper hand will not move, and you have to move the hand below your elbow. 
  • You should have dumbbells in both hands, and you have to take your dumbbells as close to the shoulder as you can and then slowly bring them back. Thus you have to apply this exercise.  Do 10-10 times with each hand.

Rep: 3-5 sets


If there is a bar or rod in your house, which is much above your height. So you can also do chin-ups workouts to make biceps with its help.

How to do:

  • To do chin-ups, stand facing the bar.
  • Hold it well so that your palms are facing you.
  • Now pull your body upwards.
  • Move this process to the previous position.
  • Similarly, slowly repeat this exercise according to your capacity.
  • Do the chin-ups exercise very comfortably and carefully so that you can get the most out of this workout.
  • Do 10 times in each set.

Rep: 5-10 sets

Preacher Curls

This is the most famous exercise of the biceps. If done properly, heavy biceps are formed. Advanced bodybuilders adopt different formats of this exercise to increase the size of the biceps.

How to do:

  • To do this, set up a bench such that your armpits are adjacent to the top end of the bench.
  • Holding the E-Z curl bar at shoulder length, place your upper arms and chest against the upper bench pad.
  • Lower the weight with your biceps as you exhale until the bar is at shoulder height and your biceps are fully tensed.
  • Squeeze your biceps firmly and hold for a second.
  • Slowly lower the bar as you inhale until your upper arm muscles and biceps are fully stretched.
  • Similarly, repeat the exercise 10 times.

Rep: 5-10 sets

Cable Curls

Adjust the cable machine on one end so that the cable engages with the sliding adjustment facing down. The cable metal grip should be extended to allow you to comfortably hold it in your hands, arms extended, and palms facing up.

How to do:

  • Stand comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles, straighten the back, keep the head stable.
  • Exhaling, bend the weight of the cable upwards towards the chest. While rising above the elbows, just your forearms should move.
  • For one second, pause at the top of the contraction.
  • Inhale and bend your elbows so that the cable’s weight returns your arms to their lower resting position.
  • Do it 8-12 times.

Rep: 5-7 sets

Which head of the bicep is bigger? 

Your biceps’ short head is on the inside of your arm. The short head of your biceps is usually the region of your arm that makes it appear bigger and fuller. So, if you’re trying to put more shape on your arms, train your smaller head. You have a long head on the outside of your biceps.


Now you must have understood what you have to do to build your strong biceps, so get started! If you got any help from this article best exercise for bicep long head, then tell us by commenting.

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