Why Yo-Yo Diet Is Terrible? 3 Easy Ways for Fixing Your Metabolism

fixing your metabolism

How bad is the yo-yo diet for your overall health? In this article, we talked about why you shouldn’t follow a yo-yo diet and the best way to lose weight fast. Excess weight is a problem for everyone we understand that. To get an idea of the weight range, we do all possible things like diet and exercise. You have a lot options to lose weight. You will be surprised to know that all diets are not suitable for Fixing Your metabolism or lose weight, yes you heard it right.

Some diets make your body immune system weak; the yo-yo diet is one of them. In a yo-yo diet, you follow a diet in which you gain weight, then after some time, you lose weight, and this cycle continues. 

The term yo-yo dieting was first coined by Yale University.

– Fact

Yo-Yo diet follows a fad diet by skipping main meals, starving your body and eating one type of low-calorie meal every day, which is not suitable for Fixing Your metabolism. 

yo-yo diet

What’s the best way for fixing Your metabolism or lose weight?

You can start with changing the eating habits you are gaining weight. Learn about calorie balance, nutrition, and healthy food choices. Most dieticians recommend a gradual weight loss than the highs and lows of yo-yo dieting. You can reach your goal weight. Just have some patience and stick to a healthy diet. Make a plan of eating which you can eat and enjoy. This indeed is the best way to lose weight.

Many people had spent years following the yo-yo diet. Some end it because they gained more weight when they started. To reach your weight goals and experience the ideal weight you want by following a healthy diet. Instead of following some crash diet, follow a long-term diet program low in calories and fat but provides your body with all needed nutrients and fibre.

best way to lose weight
A crash diet allows you to eat only 700 calories. It helps to lose weight but harms your body. 

Do not skip meals but eat small healthy meals every three hours, enhancing your metabolism and feeling energetic. Don’t eat the same kind of food every day, suitable for our health because no food contains all the nutrients our body requires. So include healthy meals in your diet so that the body gets all the nutrients. Remember to do some physical activity with a diet. This will keep your body active. 

Body response while following yo-yo diet 

Regaining weight after you lose it after losing weight is a very frustrating experience. Yo-Yo dieting disrupts the functioning of metabolic in the body. 

Recovered mass is fat, not muscles that make you weak and fatigued. Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This kind of dieting is not suitable for your health. We explain some of the reasons below why you should not follow the yo-yo diet. 

1. Enhance risk of diabetes

The speedy increase and decrease in sugar blood levels is an invitation for type 2 diabetes. In a study done by experts on 17 people, 4 develop type 2 diabetes after doing yo-yo dieting. When they regained weight, it was mostly the belly fat that increased the risk of diabetes. In yo-yo dieting, you don’t get essential nutrients and protein for the body due to sticking to one meal. When you stop doing it, your weight gain starts it gets in the form of fat. 

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2. Metabolism decreases

Everyone wants to lose weight fast, but reducing calories and restricting to a particular diet will not benefit your overall health. You will think that sudden weight loss will improve your metabolism, sorry you are thinking wrong. Instead of that, excess weight loss in a short time causes your metabolism to slow. The body will feel starved, and when you stop dieting, you will gain more weight due to an increase in hunger prompt. 

3. Loss of muscles 

When you lose weight, it decreases body fat and muscle mass. The body needs additional protein to supplement muscle mass. The muscle mass will reduce and decrease physical strength if it is not given. When you regain weight after a yo-yo diet, it causes wear and tear of muscles and make your overall body weak. You will lose muscle mass while on a diet and regain the fat after dieting. 

4. Risk to get fatty liver

Keeping your liver healthy and fit is essential as it is an integral part of your body. If you are not aware of fatty liver, you get fatty liver when your liver stores excessive cells. This can be the cause of many serious health problems. 

5. Results in gut dysfunction 

The quick transformation from consuming full calorie meals to low calories makes your body weak. Yo-yo diet results in throwing out your healthy gut bacteria. Bacteria in the gut helps in processing food and digestion. When this process stops, there will be difficulty indigestion. The shift in diet disrupts bacteria levels and diversity, which results in gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, constipation, and obesity. 

Does yo-yo dieting ruin metabolism?

As per the study crash, diets are unsuitable for health, and yo-yo dieting is a kind of crash dieting. Yes, yo-yo dieting ruins your body’s metabolism and hurt your resting metabolic rate. In this diet, your body detoxes and eliminates the essential calories and nutrients that are not good for your health. A rapid loss in weight in a short amount of time will slow down your metabolism, which results in more weight gain in future. A crash diet is considered a low-calorie diet, in which you eat restricted meals for a short time. 

yo-yo dieting ruin metabolism
As per the study, yo-yo dieting increases the risk of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death

How do you tell if your metabolism is messed up?

Metabolism is a process in which whatever you eat or drink is converted into energy. When something happens wrong to your health, it is hard to identify its source. When the metabolism is correct, then you will not face any problems, but when it is out of whack then you will feel symptoms like: 

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Moods swing
  3. Irregular Menstrual cycle 
  4. Feeling hungry more than usual
  5. Fast heartbeat
  6. Hair loss
  7. Blood sugar level decreases
  8. Gas and bloating
  9. Hormonal imbalance
  10. Tough to lose weight

These symptoms will appear when your metabolism slows down. 


How do you repair metabolism after yo-yo dieting?

Metabolism is a fundamental process of your to keep you fit and healthy. Dieting is a reason to damage your metabolism. In yo-yo dieting, your weight goes up and down. After dieting, you must work on metabolism to get it back on track. A healthy diet and exercise show some signs of progress in your metabolism. Both exercise and food help to repair metabolism after yo-yo dieting. Let’sLet’s understand how to get back your metabolism on track. 

Exercise For Fixing Your metabolism?

exercise to get your metabolism back
Increasing protein intake can increase metabolism rate up to 15 to 30 per cent. 

1. Don’t overdo exercise For Fixing Your metabolism

Start exercise only for 30 minutes. Do not do more than that; pushing too hard can be bad for Fixing Your metabolism. 

2. Stay active 3 to 5 days a week For Fixing Your metabolism

To steady your metabolism rate, exercise at least three days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is perfect for Fixing Your metabolism. 

3. Do strength training for fixing Your metabolism

Your muscles need a lot of calories after the crash diet. Include strength training in your schedule to build metabolism and lose weight for Fixing Your metabolism. 

What should you eat to speed up your metabolism after yo-yo dieting?

Have an eye on your calorie intake.
Do not reduce the calorie intake sudden; reduce the amount slowly.
Do not waste your time eating things that leave you hungry.
Eat food that gives you essential nutrients and protein to your body.

Don’t expect a sudden rise in your metabolism rate after yo-yo dieting. Every person is different; it takes time to build metabolism. 

How to stop yo-yo dieting?

Yo-yo dieting is stressful; it is frustrating to stick to one low-calorie meal. It is a cycle of dieting in which you lose weight, then gain weight and again start dieting.

Yo-yo dieting is time-consuming and not suitable for long term health. To stop the yo-yo dieting, start doing exercise and eating healthy food that provides nutrients. Eating right and sweating more is the key to losing weight. If you want to lose weight, don’t go for the crash diet but work out and eat healthy food to avoid junk food. 

We know that weight loss is highly challenging, but a crash diet can damage your health for the long term diet. You don’t get essential nutrients in these types of dieting. Have patience and motivate yourself to reach your ideal weight. If you work out and eat healthily, you can get the perfect weight you want.

Rather than eating 1000 calories in a day and ditching the carbs and good fat is not a good idea. Eat a balanced diet, choose healthy food to eat and get your body in perfect shape by losing weight. 

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