Starting Workout Plan After Covid: 6 Amazing Post Covid Workout Tips

post covid workout

Are you recovering from covid and looking for the answer to the question ” Starting Workout Plan after covid recovery?”

Then keep reading, this article has answers to all your post covid workout related questions…

Pandemic has affected our lives in all manner; it affects our lifestyle, financial condition, and workout status. Resuming your workout routine after an injury or illness requires a certain amount of restraint to get optimum results safely.

If you are suddenly starting workout plan at full speed and don’t give time to recover your body, this will take longer to heal your body. If you are recovered from the covid-19, then it won’t be easy to resume your workout as you usually do. There are some long term effects of covid-19 that have been identified by scientists.

workout after covid

There were over 396 million global cases of COVID-19 with 315 million people had recovered from the disease


The global pandemic has challenged the world in many ways we have never imagined. We are not aware of how covid-19 will affect our physical and especially our mental health. All infected people have different symptoms of covid-19 even they also have different recovery and contagious times.

Restarting your workout routine is not an easy task after a battle of covid -19. Experts at WHO Europe suggest that you must listen to your body when planning your post covid workout routine. Slowly increase the intensity of the workout is most recommended.

This will ensure that you don’t have any muscle injury. We can relate to how difficult it is to start the activity usually. If you have any heart problems, consult your doctor before Starting Workout plan. In this blog, we will explain how to resume your activity.

Tips for Starting Workout plan after covid recovery

Covid-19 infection leaves you weak. After the illness, it lost your stamina, endurance and strength. It would be best to start workout slowly, don’t be in a hurry to do at the previous speed.

You should wait at least 10-15 days for starting workout plan after the covid recovery to avoid serious injury. If you experience breathlessness, dizziness, or chest pain, first consult your doctor before starting the workout.

Patience will be an essential asset after the covid-19 recovery. Below are some exercises that you may follow after the covid recovery but remember to start slowly or as your body allows:

Set new goals for Starting Workout plan

After the recovery, your body will be weak. It might take two to three weeks for athletes to start training with their previous stamina and goals. If you were under regular training then you can use this time frame as a benchmark to plan your routine for a workout after covid.

Before the covid infection, you had goals like if you previously had a plan to run about 10k and do yoga, then after the covid illness, you will not be able to do so. It’s time to set new goals and start slowly. Don’t be in a hurry.

Walk before run for Starting Workout plan

A walk is a perfect way to resume your exercise and to observe whether your body is ready for training or not. On the first day, you continue the practice after the covid infection try to include a brisk walk only for 20-30 minutes in your post covid workout.

It’s normal if you feel tired and weaker than usual. Take off the next day for the recovery and do some stretching to keep your body active.

Begin with the cardio for Starting Workout plan

The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that routine workouts may help protect COVID-19 patients from becoming seriously ill.

When your body is infected with the virus, your body does a battle in which the white blood cells fight the virus. Your body will be weakened, muscles will be beaten down, and you will be unable to start the exercise.

It would be good to start the easy cardiovascular exercises first and strength training later in your post covid workout after you regain your unlimited stamina. Swimming, cycling, small runs, walking will be the best options. Avoid activities that put stress on your muscles.

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Monitor your heart rate for Starting Workout plan

an average COVID-19 patient usually takes 3 weeks for full recover

Keep monitoring your heart rate regular. It will help you to keep the intensity down. It also lets you know how much time you will regain your previous stamina.

After covid, your heart rate may increase faster, so it would be better to check it regularly. If you feel any discomfort during the workout, immediately stop it and take a rest.

Follow the 50% rule for Starting Workout plan

Don’t overdo any exercise. Experts say that do half of the time exercise before the covid. Suppose you ran 40 minutes before covid, then run only for 20 minutes after it. It will give pressure on your muscles.

Gradually increase the workout intensity


If your recovery is good and your body responds well to the low-intensity workout after covid, do not hurry to jump for the high-intensity training. Slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Remember to pay attention to the exhaustion after a prolonged exercise. You may feel tired early or lose your energy very fast, so start your routine slowly. Do not rush to start the strength or weight training just after the recovery at a fast pace.

Yoga to recover from covid -19

Recovering from covid is the most crucial stage. You can take the help of yoga to recover from covid-19 after effects.


Don’t forget to take some extra care of yourself like taking plenty of rest, sleeping correctly, eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Yoga is a low-intensity workout, but its impact is very high especially in your post covid Starting Workout plan. You will not require any equipment to do this exercise. Yoga helps to boost immunity and increase strength.

The most significant advantage of doing yoga is that you can do it at home, during isolation and even during the lockdown. You don’t have to go outside of your home for this exercise.

Below are some asanas of yoga to recover from covid that you can do for being physically active after the infection.

These simple workouts will give you a feeling that you have worked for the day and taken a step forward to get your healthy routine back as usual.

  • Cat/cow pose
  • Butterfly pose
  • Seated pigeon pose
  • Side stretch
  • Wind release pose

How to build stamina after covid?

After covid-19 infection, your body loses all stamina and strength. You will feel weak. In some cases, this weakness can last for a long time.
The main reasons after covid fatigue are lack of nutrition, viral load and stress on the body. To regain your stamina after covid, take rest properly, sleep, and eat foods that provide you energy. Including energy-dense food in your diet is necessary for your body with following out workout after covid guide.

Eat sweet potato, lentils, and other good fats to provide complex carbs. For a good recovery, consume 1.5 gm of protein of your total weight. Walnut, flaxseeds are rich in omega-3. Omega-3 dramatically helps in reducing inflammation in the body organs. Do not forget to eat it. Keep your body moving and hydrate yourself properly for a speedy recovery from the infection.

Can I lift heavy weights after covid recovery?

After fighting this deadly virus, resuming your exercise can be a complex task. You can’t rush to your fitness session. Give time to recover your body.
Start with a slow and steady exercise schedule. Doing intense exercise and weight lifting can be difficult immediately after the covid recovery. Start with the brisk walk and basic breathing exercises. After one month of recovery, you can start the weight lifting exercise if your body is not feeling any weakness.

Is it safe to exercise after the covid vaccine?

A lot of people around the globe have vaccine hesitancy and those who are vaccinated usually ask this question.
It is entirely safe to exercise after covid booster or vaccine, but do not do an intense workout.

It would be best if you consumed immunity-boosting drinks and healthy foods to regain your stamina. As per the doctors, you should slowly start your training.
We all are aware now of how deadly is the virus. Before beginning any workout routine, take complete precautions to avoid serious health problems. After your vaccination, take two to three days rest as fever may come after the vaccination.

How long should I work out after covid recovery? 

Begin slowly and build your activity level over time. In starting, do exercise for a short duration and rest between the exercises. Try to do 30 minutes of exercise starting but do light exercise, or do a brisk walk. If you cannot do it for 30 minutes, don’t worry, take your time. The body needs some time and rest to recover.

Can I do swimming and running after covid recovery?

Yes, you can go swimming and run after the covid recovery. Patience is the key to building your stamina after the covid recovery. Eat healthy meals in your diet.
Please don’t overdo it when you start running or swimming after the infection. Suppose you run for 30 minutes before the covid, after the recovery begins running for 10 minutes. Drink plenary water to keep hydrated yourself. Run or swim with someone until you feel confident to be out on your own.

Sitting in one position may lead to tightening of muscles. They will loosen up and improve blood circulation by performing asanas from yoga to recover from covid. Being active helps you to relieve stress and calm your mind and body.

Starting with some essential exercise or walking makes stronger and fitter. You may feel some tiredness and breathlessness in creating, but this would improve as the days pass out, make changes to your post covid workout according to your energy levels. Regular activity will minimize the pain stiffness in joints and regain muscle strength. Follow the guidelines take proper precautions to be safe.

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