Sprint Running Workout: 7 Amazing Benefits & its Types

sprint workouts

Sprint running workout are high intensity, have a short running period, and are performed at high speed. This type of workout helps build muscles, increase metabolism and burn fat. 

Sprint running workout needs more recovery period between exercise to prevent injury. If you are looking for an effective way to burn calories, improve running speed and enhance muscle endurance.

Adding a sprint running workout to your workout plan is the best idea to increase the running speed. Sprint workouts are mainly short runs that require running as hard as possible by utilising your all strength and energy for the intense period.

There are many sprint running workouts of high intensity which you can include in your training to burn maximum calories. This blog discusses how to include sprint running workout in your daily routine.

sprint workouts

30 minutes of sprint workout everyday results in reduction of 6.5 to 20.1% in total cholesterol

– Fact

There are two types of Sprint Running Workout:-

types of sprint workouts

Flat sprints

You may start with flat sprints if you are new to sprint running workout. Simply run on the flat surface to make flat sprints. Run as fast as you can run. Remember that the place must be safe; pay attention to no traffic. Examples of flat sprints are : 

  • A high school track
  • Jogging path 
  • An open road
  • A sports field 

Incline sprints

Incline sprint running workout are done on an inclined surface. Find a hill with a steep grade of at least 40 to 60 yards of running. Examples of incline sprints are: 

  • A mountain path 
  • Hilly road
  • Incline treadmill 

HIIT Sprint Running Workout

Achieving goals and tracking progress is the best part of fitness. Sprint workout is HIIT. Remember, when you do a sprint workout, your arms must be relaxed and bring your knees up when you are in motion.

Sprint running workout include running at high speed and being restless. Anyone can do a sprint workout; it’s all about running at maximum speed. If you are a professional runner, then a sprint workout can help you complete a 5k or 10k run in less time. 

Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise where the body can’t bring enough oxygen to provide energy during the movement. At that place, it brings glucose to the muscles to provide energy, which produces lactic acid. Sprints can be very effective to enhance strength and power. Sprint workouts are great for cardio and resistance.

You can customise them according to the time, fitness level and intensity. Remember to do a warm-up before the session and rest after finishing it. Warm-up your body by walking, stretching and light jogging minimum of 5 minutes before starting the sprint workout session.

This is a unique way to enhance strength. Make sure that you wear supportive running shoes during the workout. 

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Benefits of Sprint Running Workout

When it comes to the benefits of sprint workouts, there are many. Many exercises have a warning like don’t overdo it, don’t mix them with other activities. This is not the case in sprint workouts. Sprinting can be done for general health, weight loss, and even the marathon training plan. The results of sprinting lead to better health and fitness.

Regular sprint workouts increase Endurance Strength by lasting 42%

There is no training or perfect posture needed for running workouts.

Let’s see the benefits of including sprint workouts: 

Great for the health health 

Sprinting workout requires quick bursts of speed at the maximum intensity. It increases your heart speed and makes your heart muscles stronger. If you enjoy running or love participating in a marathon, then a sprint workout is best for your preparation. It helps in improving overall aerobic efficiency. 

Lose fat 

Sprint workout loses fat fast compared to other exercises like jogging and walking. This allows you to lose body mass, including fat and water weight. When your aim is to lose weight, you must choose a sprint running workout. This will burn fat faster and build muscle. 

benefits of sprint workouts
Sprint workouts burn 40% more fats compared to conventional HIIT training

Enhances speed and power 

Sprinting is basically speed training. You’re putting a load on your muscles, and the more you do the workout, the more your speed and power will increase. A sprint ruuning workout helps increase the speed and power, leading to running fast. 

Improves heart health 

Sprinting helps in lowering your blood pressure. Doing the workout pump your heart and puts extra effort into your muscles which help to strengthen your heart. It improves blood circulation, and strengthening your core will reduce the risk for various heart diseases. Sprinting is a challenging workout. 

Saves your time

Sprinting a workout does not require your hours for the exercise. It is a quick burst of movement which gives immediate results in a short duration. It burns many calories quickly; even the calories burn even after the workout is over. This method is known for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. 

Improves insulin levels 

As per the study, high intensity helps to improve insulin levels and reduces the metabolic syndrome risk factors. Sprints deplete the supply of glycogen from the body, which maintains insulin levels. This workout reduces high cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and body fat. 

Adding sprints to your workout routine helps increase the calorie burn and make you look more youthful. Running long-distance increases the level of cortisol which converts protein to fuel. This process reduces the ability of the body to create new muscle tissue. 

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Enhance mental state

When sprinting, your body releases the endorphins hormone, providing positive feelings. This could decrease your stress level and help you keep your mind calm and relaxed. You will be happy and healthy after doing this workout. 

Tips for doing the correct sprinting form 

Sprinting focuses on a range of motion while running, contact speed, foot speed and overall sprinting technique. If you are just starting out, you must know about the correct form to sprint to avoid injury.

Below are some tips for doing sprinting incorrect posture: 

  1. Keep your knees high when your feet hit the ground below the centre of mass. Keeping your knees high will provide you more power and help raise your maximum speed. 
  2. Relax your shoulders and keep your upper body leaning forward slightly. 
  3. Keep your legs close to vertical like you are marching when you hit the ground. 

How long should a sprint workout be?

A sprint workout should not be more than 20 minutes; this also includes your resting period. The most significant advantage of a sprint workout is that it provides the maximum result in minimum time. 

What happens if I sprint every day? 

Sprinting is high-intensity interval training. It would be best to perform sprint workouts two to three days a week. You must provide some recovery period so that your body can take rest. If you are just a beginner, then start the workout slowly. 

Is sprinting better than jogging?

Sprinting and jogging both helps to lose weight. Both workouts are good at their place. Running is a high-intensity workout, while jogging is a low paced workout. If you have only 20 minutes for an activity, you will burn more calories in sprinting rather than jogging. Jogging is an aerobic exercise, and running is an anaerobic exercise. 

How do you make sprints every day?

Including sprints in your workout is an efficient and effective way to burn maximum calories and improve the lean muscles mass in your legs. If you want to get fit faster, sprinting is the best way.

Sprint workouts are for the people who don’t have time for the long training.
When you are running, you are pushing very hard. An example of 20 minutes sprinting workout is given below: 

1. Warm-up of five minutes of brisk walking or jogging.
2. 30-seconds of sprints at 80 per cent of your maximum effort.
3. Recovery walk for 30 seconds.
4. Repeat this 5 times in two minutes.
5. At last, do a five-minute walk to cool-down and static stretching.

Sprint training is best for those who don’t have much time to exercise but want to improve their cardiovascular system. This type of training requires motivation and give results in a short time.

With this guide about sprinting workouts, you will quickly do the fastest running. Sprinting effectively enhances your fitness by using only your body; it does not require any special training or equipment.

When you complete a sprint workout session, it takes time for your metabolism to cool down. That’s why your body burns calories after the workout finish.

Sprinting is one of the power-based workouts. It uses all three energy systems anaerobic, glycolytic and aerobic. Remember to focus on the form during the workout if you are a beginner. Take enough rest between the intervals and training. Sprinting is the best workout for the fitness freak.

If you want to lose weight and don’t have time to exercise every day in the week, just give 20 minutes in two or three days and get instant results. 

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