Sissy Squat Workout- 5 Minute Amazing Exercise Guide For Killer Legs

sissy squat machine

Sissy Squat Machine is used to perform sissy squats which are a multi-joint exercise that works for numerous muscle groups in a single motion. In Sissy squats put your quads, back muscles, hip flexors, and abdominals to the test. Sissy squat Workout is also considered an extreme leg exercise since they force your joints to their maximum range of motion, especially your knee joints and adductor muscles.

What Is Sissy Squat Machine?

The lightweight steel frame of the sissy squat machine sits on the floor. Foot-locking foam rollers, a rear calf support pad, and a nonslip footplate or foot holders are all common features. It secures an athlete’s lower legs in a vertical position and holds their feet in place, allowing them to perform accurate standing squats. The machine, despite its modest design, aids athletes in doing this challenging exercise.

Classic bodybuilders have been making sissy squat platforms out of scrap metal and wood for years. Commercial versions of this gym essential, on the other hand, offer a safer, more stable setting, as well as ergonomic design characteristics that will help you achieve legendary calf strength. Furthermore, they usually just require the assembly of a few parts and take up very little room on the floor.

Look no faraway than this machine for a space-saving contraption that will assist you to target your glutes, quads, and heart. Don’t be fooled by the wimpy name; this difficult machine is an essential tool for increasing lower body muscle growth. While standing squats are one of the most underappreciated and often overlooked workouts, using this equipment on a daily basis allows athletes to attain the best possible outcomes.

Sissy Squat Machine

Benefits Of Sissy Squat Workout

The sissy squat is a more popular squat variation among bodybuilders and weightlifter. We’re here to look at the advantages of sissy squats on the squat machine, as well as a few other factors.

Squatting balance is improved with Sissy squat Workout

Sissy squat workout are good for not only developing and enhancing quad muscles but also for improving overall body balance. When using a squat machine, the positioning of the feet during the exercise raises the body above the knee, which greatly aids body equilibrium.

On a squat machine, it’s simple to exercise.

Sissy squats are supposed to be a part of resistance workouts and useful routines, but they’re actually quite difficult to do without the use of a strength training machine. They’re easy to do with a sissy squat bench, which holds your feet flat and aligned in a straight line, reducing the chance of harm.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles by Sissy squat Workout

Abdominal exercises are a crucial aspect of the Sissy squat Workout and are classified as a secondary muscle group. Because it utilizes ab muscles while performing the exercise, it is extremely beneficial for developing your abs and core. You can focus on enhancing flexibility, improving posture, reducing the risk of a back problem, and keeping your body healthy with sissy squats. It’s a wonderful exercise for working on multiple muscles at the same time.

With the proper technique, you can strengthen your quads With Sissy squat Workout

Thighs are preferred because they are isolated and engaged at a higher level, and they must perform the majority of the effort. Sissy squat workout a type of squat that is specifically developed to build robust quad muscles. You can boost mobility and reduce the chance of injury in sports by strengthening your quadriceps muscles. The Machine facilitates the procedure by giving enough assistance.

Sissy Squat Machine

Why Use Sissy Squat Machine

The sissy squats machine is a small piece of equipment with a steel frame and foot-locking foam rollers, a calf support pad in the back, and a non-slip footplate or footholds. The best Sissy Squat Machine for you will be determined by a variety of things, including your specific requirements.

If you do decide to buy one for yourself, these are some of the advantages you may expect.


Improved balance is one of the best machine benefits, as it allows you to finish reps in appropriate form. There is less of a need to keep an eye on your own equilibrium and support your own body. As a result, greater attention may be paid to the activity itself. Your arms are entirely free to move since squat machines let you balance yourself using your feet and calves. As a result, when doing this workout with weights, a machine is really beneficial.

Multi-function equipment:

The sissy squat machine is the finest alternative for you if you’re looking for a multifunction workout station that includes back hyper-extension and is also easy to fold and store. 

8 in 1 workout station:

The sissy squat machine is the perfect option for you if you want an 8-in-1 completely adjustable machine with the ability to integrate rope exercises as well. At the front of the machine, there are two little circles that can be utilized for cable workouts. The front poles and ropes may be adjusted in four distinct locations, while the calf pad can be adjusted in six different ways.

Easy to store: 

The Sissy Squat machine is both small and heavy-duty, providing a firm foundation for any exercise. This machine is made to keep the lower leg vertical while completing a free-standing squat, which is impossible with another machine. Some machines may be folded and kept under your couch or on a shelf.

It is adjustable:

Two adjustable pads set the machine platform apart. It has a horizontally adjustable shin pad and a vertically adjustable calf pad. This ensures optimal comfort for legs of various shapes and sizes. It’s also compact and stable, making it a wonderful machine to take with you when you’re on the go or don’t have a lot of space in your home.

It has weight capacity:

The maximum weight range for each sissy squat machine is different. Make sure you choose one that is significantly heavier than you are now. This ensures your safety because it won’t tip over and will be less likely to shatter.

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It’s beneficial for leg exercise: 

The last but not least advantage of doing sissy squats on a squat machine is that it helps with leg training. Legs training is especially important for bodybuilders and weightlifters. Bodybuilders and weight trainers can boost their chances of winning competitions by practising sissy squats on the proper exercise equipment on a regular basis. As a result, if you want to strengthen your quad muscles in a short amount of time, sissy squats are the best option.

Technique For Sissy squat Workout

  • Sissy squat Workout are most typically performs with just your own body weight because of their difficulty. You may, however, enhance resistance by pressing a weighted plate on your chest. Set your toes forward and spread your feet shoulder-width wide. Standing near a vertical beam or another sturdy item that you can hold if necessary is a smart idea. Bend your knees and push them forward, keeping your hips and waist straight, so that your body drops backwards. Your heels will begin to raise off the ground. To finish the exercise, continue until your knees are totally bent or near to hitting the floor, then extend your knees to return to a full standing posture.

Sissy squat Workout Machine

 Bench press Sissy squat Workout

The bench press, sometimes known as the chest press, is an upper-body weight-training workout in which the trainee lifts a weight upwards while reclining on a weight-training bench. The pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, and triceps, among other stabilizing muscles, are using in this exercise. This exercise can also be performs on Sissy Squat Machine


The bench press, also known as chest press, is a weight-lifting exercise in which the trainee presses a weight upwards while resting on weight on a sissy squat machine. And get starts on your workout.

Cable Sissy squat Workout:-

The cable sissy and its sibling, the cable squat, give all of the bio-mechanical advantages of the free-form sissy squat while also adding built-in stability and immunity with almost no spinal loads, making them an ideal exercise for bodybuilders who are currently dealing with back pains or recovering from an operation.

You already know that the squat is one of the best exercises for improving lower-body strength, and you probably incorporate it into your fitness program regularly. The Sissy squat machine has two rollers in the front and two rollers in the back, and the bottom rollers hook to the machine’s legs for this Sissy squat Workout.

Leg Extensions Sissy squat Workout:-

The leg extension, like the sissy squat, has a terrible reputation for being hazardous for the knees. Shearing force between the femoral and tibial heads is cites by critics.

This is difficult due to the direction of force and the anatomy of the knee. Leg extensions have remained a popular post-injury knee rehab exercise.

Reverse Nordic Raise Sissy squat Workout:-

The Reverse Nordic Hamstring Curl is a variation of the Reverse Nordic Raise, which is a hamstring workout that became famous during the COVID-19 lockdown. This can also perform at Sissy Squat Machine.

Variants in Sissy squat Workout:-

Spanish Squat.

The Spanish squat, also known as a band-assisted sissy squat, works the quads but not to the same extent as the straight-up Sissy squat workout. The body should remain perpendicular to the floor throughout the exercise, engaging the glutes and adductors regardless of how deep you descend.

The Spanish squat has the advantage of being able to do practically at any place, and most lifters just require their bodyweight to obtain the training impact.

Tubing-supported Sissy squat Workout:-

This is virtually a free-form sissy squat with the assistance of elastic tubing with grips, as the name implies. The tubing performs the same job as a rack or bench in a free-form sissy, but you may control the tension you desire as support with the tubing-assisted version.

Hindu Sissy squat Workout:-

Wrestlers in India have been doing the Hindu squat for ages. It’s extremely similar to the sissy squat in terms of biomechanics. When the heels come off the ground, the femur and tibia come quite close together. Glute and ham participation is basically non-existent.

The difference is in the torso’s position and, as a result, the amount of load carried by the quads. Because the Hindu squat has no rearward lean, the lever arm reduces by, lowering the weight. This isn’t to say they’re simple.

Sissies on a hack squat machine.

Because the shoulders and feet are stationary and only the knees move and lengthen, the hack squat form of the sissy squat alternatives is a beast and comes with some risk. On a hack squat machine, Tom Platz was famous for adopting sissy squat foot positioning.

Heel-elevated Sissy squat Workout:-

The heel-elevated squat may be the ideal place to start for newcomers to sissy squats. You’ll become used to pressing with the front part of your foot and will gradually wean yourself off the urge to lean forward to stay upright.

The exercise is simply a Hindu squat with your heels propped up on a block, barbell plates, an aerobics step, or anything else you have on hand to lift your feet some the inches off the ground. Look for a bigger plate or step to place your heels on that has enough height to approximate the distance your heels come off the floor during a sissy squat.

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Are the sissy squat machines effective?

es, it’s effective. I’ve had the opportunity to test out many sorts of Sissy Squat Machines on the market as a professional athlete who has trained in a variety of small to world-class gyms. The Sissy Squat from Element Fitness is a terrific method to work on your quadriceps from a new perspective. This Sissy Squat machine is both small and heavy-duty, providing a sturdy foundation for any workout. It’s made to maintain the lower leg vertical while completing a freestanding squat, which is difficult with a machine.

How often should you do sissy squats?

By doing sissy squats twice a week, you may successfully grow size in your thighs. Complete three to six sets of six to twelve reps each, with just 30 to 90 seconds of rest between each set.


Squats on the sissy squat machine, in conclusion, make a difficult workout simple by giving appropriate support. Because the quadriceps have to do all the effort in this type of squats, it’s a great way to strengthen them. Regular repetition of sissy squats improves equilibrium. As a result, the sissy squat is an excellent exercise for strengthening the quadriceps.

Finally, every exercise on the sissy squat machine makes a difficult workout easier by providing sufficient assistance. You may conduct numerous Sissy squat Workout in this machine, which is a terrific way to save space and money. As a result, the sissy squat machine is a fantastic piece of fitness gear.

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