One Punch Man Training Routine – 4 Exercises To Train Like Saitama

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One Punch Man Training Routine is the most exciting workout you will ever know. This is a different kind of workout that made a Manga character, Saitama, the most muscular man in the world.

He walks on the road of being a superhero and can beat enemies with a punch only. In this article, we will explain the Saitama story, his workout, and what muscles it targets. Nowadays, there are so many workout plans that promise to give you instant results. Experts offer some workout plans, some from influencers, and others from tv shows. You have to be very careful before choosing any workout plans to start. 

one punch man workout
104.3 calories are burned every mile while running at 10 minute/mile pace

What is one punch, man?

Everyone is not a Manga or anime fan, so everyone is unaware of the punch man. There was a time when social media influencers talked about one punch man and tried to do the workout. One punch man is an anime-based 22-years old character named Saitama. Saitama dreams of becoming a superhero, and he gets an opportunity one day.

He was returning home after an unsuccessful job interview where he met with a villain named Crablante. Crablante becomes a monster after eating too many carbs. Saitama saved a young boy after defeating the Crablante.

This one moment acts as a catalyst for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a superhero. But the lack of strength in Saitama was the problem between his vision.

Saitama followed an intense program for three years every single day. He lost all hair and became bald when he completed his intense workout for three years.

After the three, he becomes so powerful that he can defeat all enemies with a single punch. That’s why he is popular with “one punch man.” Before we continue further, it would be better to know that anime is entirely fictional. The motive of the workout is to increase strength and muscles. 

What is One Punch Man Training Routine?

Saitama had done 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running every day for 3 years to defeat his enemy in a single punch. The reality is so many people will not be able to do this workout. Doing this workout for the first time will feel like torture. The Saitama workout is slightly radical as compared to the other activities.

The movement does not have any rest days; it has many repetitions and the same exercise all day. If you are looking to enhance the strength of the body, you can opt for the training, but it will be difficult for beginners. All the exercises target the different muscles let’s see. 


AREAS OF TRAINING: Shoulders, delts, traps, chest and upper abs


AREAS OF TRAINING: Quads, calves, hips, knees, and back


AREAS OF TRAINING: Abs, lower back, and obliques 


AREAS OF TRAINING: It will enhance your stamina and vo2

If you are thinking of starting the One Punch Man Training Routine, it would be best to know how to perform the exercises. 

Benefits of one punch man workout
A Japanese man had a record of doing 10,507 non-stop pushups.

How to do sit-ups?

1. Lie flat on the floor bend your knees at 90 degrees. 

2. Place your hand behind the head or cross them on your chest. 

3. Now, raise your body to close your chest to the thighs. 

4. Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. 

5. Start with the 10 reps if you are a beginner. 

How to do pushups 

  1. The first step to doing this exercise is to take a plank position.
  2. Make sure that your hands are a little wider than shoulder-width. Your body must be in a straight line from head to toe. 
  3. Lower your body to the ground by bending your elbows. 
  4. Make sure to lower yourself so that your chest is about to touch the floor. 
  5. Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. 
Push Ups for Biceps
Pushups burn large amounts of calories as it uses multiple muscles simultaneously
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How to do squats?

  1. Stand with feet a little wider than hips-width. Keep your hands at chest level. 
  2. Bend your knees and hips like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. 
  3. Lower your hips so that your knees are over your ankles. Keep your body weight in the heels to avoid pressure on the knees. 
  4. Keep your body tight and focus on your glutes to bring your body back to the starting position. 
  5. Start with the 10 reps if you are a beginner. 
HIIT workout at home
Doing squats regularly will strengthen and tighten the tissue around your knees

Running burns about 50% more calories than walking

Benefits of One Punch Man Training Routine

If you are looking for an athlete-type workout, this workout is perfect. Doing 100 pushups in a day will provide you strength. Below are some of the advantages of One Punch Man Training Routine.

  1. Running can strengthen the muscles of the heart. While running, the heart pumps blood faster than usual to the lungs and throughout the body. While running, more blood flows to the body, and oxygen level rises in the body.
  2. The One Punch Man Training Routine doesn’t need any equipment, and there is no need to go to the gym for this workout. All exercises can be done at home. You will get no excuse for denying the training and about the machines. 
  3. The Saitama workout is easy to follow. You do not need a trainer for this kind of workout. You know what exercises are to do every day. 

Cons of One Punch Man Training Routine

  1. Rest and sufficient recovery time is essential for any kind of workout. The One Punch Man Training Routine will not give time to muscles for repairing and growing back more muscular, which will be critical for your body. 
  2. If you do the same workout every day, at some point, the training will not be challenging anymore. Your body will get used to the same exercise every day and not give you any strength. 
  3. The workout doesn’t have any pulling movement. If you are looking to develop some raw strength, One Punch Man Training Routine will not be effective. 

Diet for the One Punch Man Training Routine 

Diet is the backbone for One Punch Man Training Routine to achieve the target more quickly. The imagination character Saitama has one strict rule for the diet. Do not skip breakfast!

Saitama’s diet included protein-rich food, for breakfast he used to eat bananas in the morning.

The rule was to include some more healthy things like protein and vegetables. The workout may cause inflammation in your joints and if you want to give one punch man workout a try then you can add turmeric milk to your diet to cure inflammation in your body. 

Is Saitama’s training possible?

Doing daily 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km of running is an impossible workout. It may be monotonous as it exercises every day and has no recovery period. But if you want to start, start with 20 reps of all exercise per day. 

Is the One Punch Man workout effective?

If you are looking to enhance strength, endurance, and lean body, the one-punch man workout is effective. You can start will smaller reps. 

Are 100 pushups in a day sound?

There is no doubt that pushups are simple and practical exercises that can be done anywhere. If you do 100 pushups every day, your body will be adaptive to it.

Once you expose your muscles to the same type of stress, they get used to it and stop going more significantly and more vital. Doing 100 pushups in a day will need some recovery time. It would be better to do a variety of exercises in your workout. 

All these exercises are bodyweight exercises and don’t need any equipment. You can do them at home also. People of all ages can easily do these exercises.

The One Punch Man Training Routine is inspired by the Japanese and manga series. If you do this workout without proper rest, there are some chances of damage to your body. You should have no doubt that one punch man workout is a full-body workout, but you can do less reputation as per your stamina.

Do not do it every day; rest is essential to any strength workout. The workout is highly beneficial to maintain your health and reach fitness goals. This meets your cardio requirements and helps to grow muscles.

Do not forget to rest and adjust the intensity of the workout. One Punch Man Training Routine will not help build an extreme amount of force as it doesn’t have any pull movements. 

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