How To Do zottman curls exercise: 5 Amazing benefits

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Working for your muscles is a good idea, but some muscles need extra care for growth. Everyone wants more significant and vital biceps. Working on your arms with biceps curl and other variations can improve grip strength. Zottman Curls Exercise and their variations work on biceps muscles at the front of the upper arms and also the muscles in the lower arms. These muscles are used whenever you pick something in your daily life.

The curling exercise will build strength in the upper arm, bracing with your core muscles. The biceps curl is a highly recognizable exercise to strengthen your arms muscles for see results instability. The muscles used in biceps curls are anterior deltoid, biceps brachii, brachialis muscle, brachioradialis, and flexors.

Most of these muscles stabilize the shoulder, wrist, and elbow during the biceps curl. There are numerous variations for the biceps curl that you can include in your workout. In this blog, we will discuss the Zottman Curls Exercise. 

zottman curls
Zottman curls improve forearm motion

What Are Zottman Curls Exercise?

This is one of the best variations of the standard biceps curl. It was invented by George Zottman in the 19th century. He was the strong man in the United States. Some of his records are haven’t been broken since then, like dumbbell press. This targets your biceps and forearms at the same time.

It allows muscular contraction of the biceps and forearm movement. If you want to enhance your arm size, strength, and aesthetics, this is for you. It is an excellent exercise for all athletes; just use the weights as required. Forearms are not the most exciting part of your body but training them for a firmer grip provides you strength and more power to take the heavyweights in another exercise. 

Muscles that are targeted in Zottman Curls Exercise

This exercise primarily works on biceps brachii. The biceps muscles are two heads- a long head and a short head. Both leaders work together when you perform lifting or pulling motions. Zottman curls primarily target the brachioradialis, one of the most vital and most visible muscles in your forearm.

Secondary, this exercise targets the brachialis, which lies beneath your biceps brachii. Zottman curl also works on your abs and back muscles as they activate to stabilize your body during the curling motion. 

How To Do Zottman Curls Exercise?

Hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands by palm facing forward. Place your feet at shoulder-width apart. Curl the dumbbells upwards towards your chest and keep your back straight. Twist your hands and squeeze your biceps hard at the top so that your palms are facing in a downward direction.

Now lower the dumbbell in starting position and twist your hand so that your palms are facing forward again. Repeat this movement for the desired number of repetitions to the extent. If you are new to the biceps curl exercise, then grab the lightweight dumbbell and increase the repetitions slowly when you feel comfortable. 

Benefits Of Zottman Curls Exercise

Here are some of the best-known benefits of Zottman Curls:

Benefits Of Zottman Curl
Zottman Curls are better than Bicep Curls for training your full arm exercise. 

Strength and gain in size

Growing your biceps muscles is not for show; it will improve your performance while doing other exercises like the barbell row and lat pulldown. It is a compound exercise, and muscles of the biceps are targeted during the movement, which helps to strengthen the muscles and increase the size. 

Enhance aesthetics

Many of us indeed want better-looking arms. We work in the gym for hours to get bigger arms. Depending on your goal, you can use the heavy dumbbell to perform this exercise. This will provide you with more extensive, toned, and defined videos and forearms. Zottman Curls Exercise is easy to learn and gives results in lesser time. 

Activation of forearms

This exercise provides you with the benefits of two workouts in one. It works on the biceps and forearms simultaneously. In other curling motions, the forearms support the arms, but in Zottman Curls Exercise, the forearms are also targeted. 


Zottman Curls Exercise targets your biceps and forearms at the same time. It is beneficial when you have a long time to work out; this will train both the upper and lower arms simultaneously. 

Provide firm grip

When you lower down the dumbbell, the movement will strengthen your grip. A firmer grip is necessary while performing exercises like rowing, deadlifting, and sports like football rock-climbing. 

Mistakes To Avoid During Zottman Curls Exercise

When you are a beginner or adding any new exercise in your workout, performing that exercise with the correct posture is essential. Below are some of the mistakes that must be avoided during Zottman Curls Exercise. 

Using too much weight 

This is an isolation exercise which means that it uses only single-joint moves. This limits the amount of weight that you can lift. Adding significant importance to this exercise will make it unproductive. Always use light to moderate weights to do each rep correctly. 

Performing too often

It is not necessary to perform this exercise daily. Do it once or twice per week to avoid injuries. Feel free to take a break from this exercise so that your muscles can get time to recover. 

Doing reps fast

Many of us perform reps too fast; you should slowly perform the movement. If you want forearm activation, then you need to resist gravity. Falling back your dumbbells fast due to gravity is not a good idea. This can lead to injury. 

Rounding the back

This is the most common mistake many of us make in Zottman Curls Exercise. Remember to keep your back straight to get an effective result for your biceps. Rounding your back will compromise the safety of your spine and can lead to an injury. 

Using momentum 

Swinging your arms and using momentum while lifting the dumbbell upward in Zottman Curls Exercise is not a correct posture. This happens when you try to lift too much weight.

Choosing lightweight to get the perfect form would be better. Taking lightweight will increase your gain and reduce the chance of an injury. 

zottman curl variations
George Zottman Invented zottman curl in 19th century

Zottman Curls ExerciseVariations

 If you want to build muscular biceps and improve grip strength, add Zottman curl to your workout. Below are some of the Zottman Curl variations that will add a new challenge to your activity. 

Reverse Zottman Curl 

Start with the same set-up position. This targets your forearms more than the traditional Zottman curl. Just make a small change, curl upside with your palms facing the downside. Twist your wrists so that your palms face downwards while lowering the dumbbells. Repeat the movement to complete the set of exercise. 

Resistance Band Zottman Curls Exercise

You can also perform the Zottman Curls Exercise with the help of a resistance band. Stand on a resistance band with your feet apart as your shoulder width and perform the same movement as you do in Zottman curl. The only difference is you are using a resistance band at the place of dumbbells. 

Alternating Tension Curls 

Alternating tension curls will allow you to use a single hand at a time. Rather than lifting both your hands at the same time. When you raise one hand, then the other will be dropped. This will add more power to your biceps. 

Zottman Preacher Curl

Grab dumbbells in your hand and sit on the preacher curl station. Put your arms in the sloped side of the preacher pad and extend your elbows completely. Curl the dumbbells towards your shoulder by palm facing in an upward direction. Keep lifting till your forearms and biceps make a powerful contraction.

When you contract your videos, twist your wrists so that palms face downward and lower the weights until your elbows are not completely extended again on the pad. This movement generates a powerful muscle pump as you repeatedly squeeze your biceps. Repeat this movement 8-10 times to complete a set. 

How does the Zottman curl work?

We have mentioned above the muscles that are targeted in the Zottman curl. Zottman curl works on your biceps, and it targets its muscles.

This exercise hits your biceps at a new angle and triggers growth. It provides the advantage of two practices at the same time. Reverse curls and hammer curls are also exercises for the forearms, but the Zottman curl movement is unique and provides you with bigger biceps. 

Are Zottman curls better than regular curls?

Yes, Zottman curls are better than regular curls as they train your whole arm simultaneously, working on your forearms. Each movement has its importance and targets different muscles differently.

If you want to focus on both your biceps and forearms, then Zottman curl is best for you. All the other regular curls are also beneficial. 

Do Zottman curls work biceps?

Yes, Zottman curls work on your biceps.

This is an excellent exercise that helps make your biceps bigger while working on your lower arms. Remember, this is not an exercise that suits heavyweights. If you lift the heavyweight, it will raise pain in the wrist and elbow.

Pick a lighter-weight dumbbell, focus on your posture and make your biceps stronger by including this in your workout. 

Other curling exercises are also beneficial for the biceps. But adding some new practice in your workout will make your workout exciting and add some variety to your workout.

It is always good to add some mixture to your activity. Any training becomes boring and unproductive if you do it repeatedly. Zottman curl exercise is one of the best exercises to pump your forearms and biceps simultaneously. 

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