How To Do A Prisoner Squat Exercise: And Its 3 Powerful Variations

The Prisoner Squat Exercise is one of the most effective and powerful bodyweight exercises. It is a bodyweight variation of squat that helps strengthen the legs’ muscles. And It is a perfect exercise for those who are beginners in doing squats.

It can be used as a stepping stone for many weighted squat variations. Prisoner squat can be used as a warm-up or finisher exercise on your legs day to pump your legs. Also, It works on your quads, hamstring, glutes, hips, and inner thighs in just a single movement. All types of bodyweight exercises can be performed anywhere.

This blog will explain the prisoner squat exercise, its benefits, variations, and many more. Let’s see what prisoner squat is. 

What is the Prisoner Squat Exercise?

Prisoner squat can be done anywhere without using any equipment. Your hands must be clasped behind the hand during the movement.

prisoner squat

Due to the hand position, the arm swirl does not generate any momentum, and it will move the torso in the upright position. Prisoner squat targets the glutes, hip flexors, and glutes. This movement is an excellent way to strengthen the abs, core, and lower body. 

How to do Prisoner Squat Exercise?

Stand by placing your feet at the hip-width. Place your hands behind the head and do not remove them in the entire movement. Now bend your knees as you push your hips back to squat down.

Move as you are going to sit on a chair. Keep your back straight. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, and lower your body by maintaining the correct posture. Your knees must be over your toes, and your back should be straight. Pause for a few seconds at the bottom of the squat.

Exhale and return to the starting position. This completes a rep.

Repeat the movement 8-10 times to complete a set. You can include this exercise in your workout to strengthen your legs. It is a powerful exercise to build the core. 

Benefits of Prisoner Squat Exercise 

The same is followed in the prisoner squat. Below are some of the benefits of prisoner squats. 

Make muscles stronger

Prisoner squat targets your glutes essential for power, stability, and core while running, walking, and jumping exercises. It is a type of resistance training that makes your leg muscles stronger. And It also strengthens the quads, a group of four muscles in the front of your thighs, and helps in controlling knee extension. 

Enhances core strength 

Having a strong core helps in movement efficiency and protects you against injuries to the lower back and hips. Doing Prisoner Squat Exercise regularly improves your core strength and activates the muscles. 

Increases your vertical jump

If you are interested in sports like basketball, volleyball, or tennis, it will boost your jump. As for squats, it works on your glutes, calves, and hamstring. And it increases your power muscles. 

Enhances your mobility 

Mobility is not about the range of motion but how strong you are in a specific field of activity. Doing squats will train your joints through multiple planes of motion. Adding weight to the squat will result in strength at both the top and bottom. 

Burn more fat 

If you want to add some muscles to your legs and butt, the squat is the best exercise to work on your glute and upper legs. Prisoner Squat Exercise strengthens a large muscle group at a time and needs a large amount of energy to do it correctly. It will burn more calories even after your set is completed.

Improve your posture 

When you are working on your core strength, it will also work on your posture. Both anterior and posterior muscles influence body posture. Performing squats properly will improve hip health by combating things like doing work by sitting all day. It also helps in enhancing the torso strength. 

Prevent injury

Squats help in building solid legs. It is one of the main ways for athletes to develop their muscles. This exercise enhances the blood flow and lubrication around the joints by boosting flexibility. And it helps in improving the range of motion in the knees and hips. If you squat in the correct form, it will prevent lower-body injuries due to weak muscles. 

Tips for doing Prisoner Squat Exercise in the correct form 

To reap the benefit of squatting or any other exercise, you must perform it in the correct form. Below are some tips to keep your record correctly while performing the movement with its full benefits.

Adjust your stance based on your leg mobility 

Stand with feet shoulder-width distance apart and toes facing forward. If your legs are longer, you’d have to widen your feet to create extra space. 

Imagine an invisible seat in the mind

While lowering your body, engage your core and push your hips back as you will sit on a chair. When you squat down, your upper body should not fall forward. Keep your chest straight with a neutral spine. 

Focus on the alignment 

Keep your torso upright and sound straight and remember to distribute the weight evenly on both feet during the exercise.

Get lower 

The key to doing a perfect squat is too low. This is a common mistake that many people make in the gym. While doing Prisoner Squat Exercise, try to go low, more than 90 degrees. It will be complex but more muscles will be used to get better results. 

Keep feet flat on the floor 

Always remember to keep your whole foot flat on the floor. Please don’t raise your toes; it will lose your backward balance. Also, please don’t raise your heels. It will lose your balance forward. Keep your toes, floor, and forefoot correctly on the floor. It will improve your balance and technique. 

benefits of prisoner squats

Prisoner Squat Exercise variations

Prisoner squat enhances leg and core body strength. Below are some variations of prisoner squat that you can also include in your workout routine.

Prisoner box squat 

If you are a beginner, this exercise will help you a lot. It requires a more balanced place to do the correct form. Take a box that is not high. Perform the squat procedure; sit on the box and return to the starting position when you go lower. 

Prisoner jump squat 

It is identical to the average Prisoner Squat Exercise. Start doing this when you’re at an intermediate level of the squat. Perform average Prisoner Squat Exercise, jump while you go up. It would help if you got off the floor as far as possible. Make sure that your hands at not in from of the hand when you jump. They remain behind your head during the movement. 

Advanced Prisoner Squat Exercise 

To perform advanced Prisoner Squat Exercise, hold weight in your hand, and remember to keep the weight behind your head. You can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, and weighted ball. This will add more power to your movement. 

Are prisoner squat effective?

Yes, prisoner squat is an effective core exercise. It will strengthen the legs, improve upper body posture and reduce back pain. The muscle group works hard to maintain the vertical worse in a full range of motion. 

How many prisoners squats should I do?

It would help if you did when it comes to the number of sets and reputations. Then there is no exact count; you can perform according to your stamina and depending on your goal.

If you are new, then aim to do three sets of 12-15 reps of one type of squat, and when you become a pro in this, you can add weights and other variations. Keep your body working to reach your goal. 

Do prisoners squat to build muscles? 

If you are a beginner, exercise is best to build muscle. But if you are at an intermediate or advanced level, you can add weight to make it more complex and compelling. It helps to legs and calves muscles and increases your stamina. This exercise works on quads, hamstrings, and glutes. You can activate 43% more power with squatting by using free weights. 

Prisoner squat helps you to get muscle growth in the body. It releases hormones that are important to your body’s development. Doing this will strengthen your ligaments and stabilizes your muscles and core. It improves the link between the brain and muscles.

It is a terrific strength exercise for the sport and crossfire athletic. You can perform it anywhere. You will not need any equipment.

Prisoner squats can improve your cardiovascular activities and strengthen your heart. Doing exercise every day makes you fit and healthy; if you are a beginner, have patience, follow your workout, and you will reach your goal. 

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