Best Pull Up Bar Exercises- 5 Badass Exercises & Benefits

Pull Up Bar

The pull up bar is a powerhouse if you are willing to do strength training. Best Pull up bar exercises has numerous variations if you include it in your regular workout. With the help of a bar, you can work on your complete upper body which includes arms, shoulders, chest and back.

A Pull-up bar is one of few pieces of equipment which provides a wide range of strength training benefits at the same time. The Pull-up bar helps to improve your posture. If you are simply hanging from the pull-up bar it will strengthen your back and help to elongate your spine. This simple procedure is known as dead hang. Below are some pull-up bar exercises that will strengthen your core.

Pull up bar

Best Pull Up Bar Exercises

1. Burpee Pull Up

This exercise target the side shoulders, front shoulders, biceps, middle chest, lats, hamstrings, quads and glutes. Burpee is a full-body workout. Stand in front of the pull-up bar. Make a squat position then place your hand on the floor and form a plank position. Now do a complete push up then jump your feet back to the squat position. Jump into the air to grab the bar and perform the pull up on a pull up bar. Repeat the movement 8-10 times. It is one of the best pull up bar exercises

2. Toes Above The Bar

Stand straight in front of the bar hold it with the shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs straight and bring them up to touch the bar. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the movement as much you can do. It is one of the best pull up bar exercises. The muscles that are targeted in this exercise are abdominal, lats, biceps and lats.

3. Hanging Knee Raise

Hold the pullup bar with an overhand grip shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms straight and legs on the ground. Now slowly raise your knees till your thighs reach the chest. Return to the starting position and repeat the process as much you can. This exercise targets the abdominal muscle and obliques. Keep your back straight and avoid putting pressure on your back. Do as much you can. It is also one of the best pull up bar exercises.

4. Hanging Windshield Wiper

This exercise is an advanced version of hanging leg raises. This helps in making abs. Hold a bar and raise your legs as you do in hanging leg raises. By keeping your legs straight rotate them from one side to another.

5. Muscle-ups

This helps long term fat loss and improve your cardio strength. You will need a lot of strength and practice to perform this. Start a normal pull up as your chest reaches near to the bar, do not stop there as you do while doing the pull-up. You have to reach the top dip position of the bar. Now lower down slowly. Repeat the movement till you feel comfortable.

Best Pull Up Exercises Benefits

If you want to work on multiple muscles at the same time then pull up is the exercise. It involves multi-joint movement. The angles of your wrists, elbows and shoulders all change. Below are some pull-up exercise benefits.

Back pain decreases

In today’s life, there is a lot of load on your back. This is due to driving and working on the chair for a long time. By strengthening the back and core muscles with the help of bar exercises you can reduce your back pain and prevent yourself from future back pain and injuries.

Provide you a V-shape

If you do pull-up properly you can achieve V-shape, many men aim to achieve it. Pull-ups help men to create a narrow waist, broader back, and bigger arms.

Powerful abs

Doing pull-ups regularly provides you with effective abs. While doing pull-ups your abs contract to hold your body. Everyone wants to make their abs strong so this makes it one of the best pull up bar exercises.

Minimum use of gym equipment

Pull-up required just a bar to perform the exercise. You can install the bar at home, or use the bar that is established in the park. You just need a high bar on which you can hang. that makes it one of the best pull up bar exercises.

Helps in losing weight

If you are the one who wants to lose weight then do not skip the pull-up workout. Pull-up uses numerous muscles at a time and makes to burn more calories with the usage of more energy. Do as many pulls up you can do to give a fat-burning boost to your body.

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Best Pull Up Exercises :-

1. Bent over dumbbell row

The upper back and biceps are targeted in this exercise. Hold a dumbbell and find a bench. Put one knee on the bench and put the other foot on the ground. Slightly bend on your knee. The hand that is holding the dumbbell hang it down. Now pull your hand that carry the dumbbell towards your chest and put your other hand on the bench. Pull the weight towards the chest and they gradually release to the starting position. Repeat the movement 8-10 times and then switch the hands. This is one of the best pull up bar exercises.

2. Inverted row

This is an awesome exercise to build your pulling strength. It is a simple exercise. Hold a barbell now bend over at the waist by keeping your back straight. Repeat the process as much you can do. Now pull the weight towards your chest. This works on all your pull muscles, back muscles, biceps, forearms and grip. it is also one of the best pull up bar exercises.

3. Dumbbell biceps curl

Take a dumbbell in both hands and keep your feet as wide as your hips. Hang down your arms at your sides with your palm facing forward. Keep your knees slightly bent and straight back. Now curl your both arms until they are in the front of your shoulders. Slowly lower back to the starting position. Keep your elbows close to your body and lock them at your sides. Do not swing the weight. Keep constant tension on your biceps do not take a rest when you reach the top or bottom. it is also one of the best pull up bar exercises.

pull up bar

Reasons To Do Best Pull Up Exercises Every Day

Pull-up is a versatile workout. It targets multiple muscles from a variety of angles at the same time. Let’s understand how:

Grip- Outer lats and biceps are targeted when you opt for a close grip. When you want more back depth in the middle you should hold the bar with a wider grip.

Legs- Pull-up does not work on your legs. But extending your legs will involve the midsection and lower back. By changing the grip you can perform various types of pulls up in every workout.

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Common Mistakes

Starting some new exercises is not easy. There are possibilities for mistakes. Below are some mistakes which you should keep in mind before doing pull exercises.

1. Not using the full range of motions

Back muscles are the primary focus while doing pull-ups. Doing partial reps will not allow the lats to form the complete lengthened position between reps. This will not allow you to use your full range of motion. If you are not able to do as many pull-ups from a full hang, start with a new set.

2. Not using full body

The pull-up is a full-body exercise. It is right that the main focus is on your back but you also have to use your chest, legs and abs. If you will not use other muscles then you will not get proper results. Make sure to activate your chest and extend your upper back. In this way, you will be able to perform a maximum pull-up repetition.

3. Grip width

Grip width is the most important point of bar exercises. If your grip is too narrow then your focus will shift from stronger back muscles to the weaker muscles of forearms. You have to hold the bar just outside the shoulder width.

4. Not performing the pull-up variation correctly

If you are a beginner then it is fully not understandable to perform the pull-up with full strength. You can take the help of a trainer, pull-up machine, box to perform the pull-up in a correct posture.

5. Doing with extra weight

When you do a pull-up regular then there may be chances of getting bored. And then you start to carry extra weight while your work out. If you think that taking extra weight will give you better results then you are wrong. Due to extra heavyweights, your shoulders and arms pain will start pain. Instead of taking extra weight, you can perform a variety of pull-ups for the best results.

u003cstrongu003eWhat other exercises you can do with a pull up bar?u003c/strongu003e

One of the best exercises that you can do with a pull up bar is pull up. It strengthens your back muscles, shoulders, arms. You can perform different types of pull-up bar exercises, pull up exercises and their variations. Some of the exercises are discussed above.

u003cstrongu003eCan you get ripped with a pull up bar?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, you can get ripped with a pull up bar. Pull up is an upper-body exercise. Lats, upper back and biceps were mainly targeted. Hanging leg raise is one of the best exercises to get abs.

u003cstrongu003eCan a pull up bar be used for the full-body workout?u003c/strongu003e

Of course, when you do pull up you are using your whole body. You lift your full body with the mass movement. Your body strength is enhanced by a pull up bar.


Remember to keep good form to maintain in your workout. Pull-up builds your core strength. You can build your strength by following a regular workout routine. Pull-ups make you a stronger person. This exercise is a king of fitness. You can perform pull up bar exercises inside and outside the gym. Pull-ups make you happy, stronger and healthy. After knowing its benefits you will surely start doing it regularly.

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