9 Amazing Inner Chest Workouts – For Ripped Chest

inner chest workout

Inner chest workout fires up your pec area. If you are a fitness freak, then you must concern about the inner chest workout. Workout for the chest includes strengthening the arms, shoulders, chest area together.

Chest muscles are the hardest to train. Before talking about the workout for the chest, you should know about some basic terms. It is divided into three parts for the best workout.

The pectoralis major is the largest muscle in your chest. It consists of a sternocostal head and a clavicular head and is big and fan-shaped.

The pectoralis minor is the muscle that lies beneath the pectoralis major. 

Its purpose is to assist in the forward and downward movement of the shoulder.

When you lift weights overhead, you’ll observe the serratus anterior in action, located on the side of the chest wall.

When you are a beginner, you should gradually start practising exercises. Do not be in a hurry to get the larger pecs. This blog will answer all your questions about inner chest exercises.

Let’s start with the list of our top inner chest exercises

Dumbbell flyes

This workout is simple for both beginners and specialists. Dumbbell flyes are one of the most effective inner chest exercises to increase the size of the chest. 

Dumbbell flies target the inner chest muscles. Let’s see how this exercise is done.

dumbbell flyes

How to do

Take a pair of dumbbells and lie down on a flat bench.

With your palms facing each other, keep the dumbbells at the top of your chest. Breathe continuously.

Overstretch your arms and feel the stretch in your chest muscles as you lower the weights. 

Reps: Do three sets of 10reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Squeeze inner chest press

inner chest press
Inner Chest Press

Squeeze Inner chest workout press helps to build the strength of your muscles. This target your inner and middle pecs muscles. Let’s see how to perform.

How to do

Lay down on the flat bench and pick up a pair of dumbbells.

Place the dumbbell side by the side, contacting each other, above your chest.

Slowly lower both dumbbells at the same time.

Take a moment to feel the stretch. 

Return to your original starting position.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Single arm chest fly

The single-arm chest fly targets your inside chest while also strengthening your pecs. 

The greatest method to achieve chest strength is to train it separately.

How to do-

Set the cable crossover to the low position and hold the pulley with your hand.

Keep your back straight while stretching your hand completely.

Pull the pulley forward and expand your chest.

Return to the starting position after a small break.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

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Plate press

The plate press is a well-known and highly efficient inner chest workout. This workout is ideal if you want to completely isolate your Inner chest workout. It also strengthens your muscles. To make the plate more effective, keep it steady.

How to do-

Lie down on the flat bench and take the plate with a neutral grip in your hands.

Raise the plate to the level of your chest.

Lower the plate to your chest carefully and feel the stretch.

Return to the starting position after pausing. 

Rep: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

 Inner pec push up

inner pecs push up

One of the most effective pushup variations for isolating your inner chest muscles. 

Pushups on the inner pecs are the best exercise for increasing muscular strength. 

To make it more effective, bring your hands closer together.

How to do-

Keep your hands at chest width and lie down in a pushup position.

Inner pec push up should now be done carefully.

Take a moment to notice the burning sensation in your inside chest. Get back to the starting position.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps of this inner chest workout and increase slowly when comfortable.

Cable crossover

Cable crossovers are a well-known inner chest workout that effectively maintains tension in the inner chest muscles as you proceed through the range of action.

How to do-

To begin this inner chest workout gently bend your torso by standing in front of the cable crossover machine.

Bring a cable handle in each hand to the centre of your chest.

Maintain the arms locked with a tiny bend in the elbow and open your arms in an arc until you feel a stretch in your chest.

Hold for a few moments in this stretched position, then slowly return to the centre.

Squeeze your muscles to emphasize the inner chest as you return to the centre.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Diamond push up

The Diamond Push-up is a more challenging version of the standard pushup that involves bringing your hands together to form a diamond shape. 

This workout strengthens the chest, abdomen, arm muscles, and arm muscles.

How to do-

Start on all fours with your legs extended behind you and your hands placed directly beneath your shoulders in a plank position.

Close your hands and spread your fingers out to form a diamond shape with your index fingers.

Begin lowering your chest to the floor while maintaining a flat back.

Rep by pressing back up into a full arm extension.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, and 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Wide grip push up

These are slightly different from the regular pushups. This exercise requires a wider hand placement, as the name suggests.

How to do- 

Position yourself in the normal pushups posture.

Place your palm wider than your shoulder width and hold yourself in a higher plank position.

Keeping your back and legs in a straight line, lower your body towards the floor.

Return to your starting position.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, and 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Valslide fly push up

This Inner chest workout is easier to do on a smooth surface like a tile or wood floor, and you may make it more comfortable by placing towels under each elbow. 

How to do

Find the balancing point by engaging your core and comfortably anchoring your elbows and forearms on the ground under your shoulders, starting in a plank position on your elbows. 

Lower your chest to the ground by simply pulling your elbows out to the sides. 

Return your body to its previous position by bringing your elbows back together.

Reps: Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 reps and increase slowly when comfortable.

Why are inner chest exercises important?

Your inner chest muscles are essential for a variety of common activities, such as flexing your upper arm while swimming, moving your arm inward while riding a bike, twisting your arm bone into your body while walking or running, and simply taking a deep breath.

You use your pectoral muscles every day to perform things like opening a heavy door, lifting a big load of laundry over your head, washing your hair, or simply getting out of bed.

Having a stronger chest is beneficial whether you are a powerlifter, weightlifter, endurance athlete, mom, nurse, bus driver, or fitness podcaster because of those everyday tasks. Even a small increase in muscle tone and a reduction in body fat percentage over the top of them can have a significant effect.

Mistakes to avoid while doing an inner chest workout?

While building your muscles, mistakes can result in injury. Check out the mistakes that must be avoided while doing the exercises.

The motion

You must maintain control of the movement throughout its entire motion, whether a push or pull movement. Controlling the movement both down and up will aid in the exercise’s leverage.

How to improve? 

The point at which the bar gets closest to your pecs changes with the angle of the bench, whether you’re doing incline or decline pushes. When it comes to declining, the goal is to get the bar to tap your lower pecs rather than your neck. It should touch higher on your chest for inclination.

We are not using the right muscles!

One of the most typical faults in chest exercises is relying too hard on your shoulders. 

You’re depriving your muscles of an excellent tool to help them grow if you don’t warm up and stretch before doing inner chest exercises. 

You give your muscles a chance to wake up by stretching and warming up before you start lifting. Not only will this help you target your workouts to the muscles you want to strengthen, but it will also help you avoid injury in the long run.

How to avoid it?

The next thing to consider is the state of your shape. Whether it’s foam rolling and a run, or mobility work and warm-up sets, it’s all good. You should begin by stretching and warming up. 

You want to concentrate on that mind-muscle connection, as corny and cliche as it may sound it is an essential part of the inner chest workout. Finally, you want to keep muscle groups that aren’t involved in the activity to a minimum.

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Questions that must be arising in your mind

How do I activate my chest?

Before starting your workout, warm up your chest and shoulders well. Start your workout with flyes movements, which entail less shoulder muscle engagement and pre-exhaust the chest muscles before moving on to the harder pressing motions. 
Don’t overstretch your muscles, which means you shouldn’t get all the way down to your chest when bench pressing because it will stimulate your shoulder muscles.

How do you work out your inner chest?

The core region of your chest closest to your sternum or breastbone is known as the inner chest. This area must be developed to achieve a sharp definition in the chest muscle. Please read the blog and perform the inner chest exercises properly to work out your inner chest. All the exercises are discussed above.

How do you work your inner lower chest?

People who desire to improve their lower chest muscles might try a variety of pectoral muscle-strengthening exercises. Some of the exercises for the inner lower chest are:
1. Incline pushups
2. Decline dumbbell press
3. Cable crossover

Are pushups good for the inner chest?

Yes, pushups are good for the inner chest. Pushups are a bodyweight resistance movement popularly known as one of the most efficient chest exercises. The pushups mainly target on chest, triceps and shoulders. Pushups target various muscles simultaneously, so it is most effective for strengthening the chest.

What pushups are best for the inner chest?

 If you do the appropriate exercises, you may strengthen the inner chest, a portion of the chest muscle. 
The wide grip pushup and the Valslide fly are two pushup variations that target your inner chest. The procedure of both the pushups is given above.
It’s no wonder that training the chest and the biceps, abdomen, and shoulders is one of the most popular exercises. It not only looks good, but it also helps with the strength and structure of upper-body training. 

Training your chest might help you improve posture by releasing pressure on the back muscles. Building a strong chest may take time, so don’t lose hope and perform the exercises properly.

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