6 Push Up Rod Exercises For Best Upper Body

6 pushup bar exercises

The Push up rod always keeps fitness enthusiasts in dilemma. We will discuss about it in detail, but first let’s start from the start and talk about Push ups first. Push up is a well-known exercise that strengthens your upper body. It helps in building the muscles and strength in your chest, triceps and shoulder. To do it with more variation you can do push up by using push up handlebar. Using a pushup bar will increase the strength of your wrists and the grip of your hands. Let’s see how to use the pushup handlebar.

How to use a Push up rod handlebar?

The use of a Push up rod will increase the range of motion and enhance the difficulty level of exercise. Place the Push up rod on the floor in the same area where you will put your hands during the exercise. Take hold of the handles and do the pushup normally as you do. If you are not able to perform regular pushups then simply lower your knees to the ground and perform pushups from there. If you are doing pushups on your knees the bar will still be useful.

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Advantages of using the Push up rod

1. Most effective workout

Using a push bar allows for a greater range of motion throughout the workout, allowing you to lower your body far further than you could do with pushups. This makes the workout more effective and produces better outcomes. Each repetition will become more severe as you target muscles that are typically overlooked during ordinary push-ups allow you to increase muscle mass and strength.

2. Take care of your wrists

When you do push up regular, you will face extreme backward bending of the wrist which put a lot of strain on your tendons and ligaments. This can create joint pain immediately. So this is one of the most useful pushups bars advantage to remove this pain. When you do Push up rod will ensure that the wrist is in a more comfortable posture.

3. Perfect grip

When you use a pushup bar, you will have a much stronger grip on the floor, especially if you are working with tiles or laminate. Sweaty hands can easily slip on these types of surfaces, resulting in poor form and damage. Fortunately, most Push up rod feature a non-slip base, so all you have to do is concentrate on your workout.

4. Adjustable pushups

If you are having trouble in executing full push-ups, start with your knees drawn up close to your chest rather than your legs outstretched. When compared to a standard push-up, the alternate posture of an adjusted push up using the push-up bars and knees tucked in gives better results.

5. Make wrists stronger

Wrists can be strengthened by performing healthy push-ups. Wrists will be stronger when you perform regular push-ups. The thumbs can also be positioned so that they face forward rather than wrapping around the bar. For some people, this may be a more comfortable position.

6. Easy to carry

Because the bars are not very heavy or unwieldy, they are simple to pull out when needed and put away when not in use. This facility is ideal for usage within tiny garages or spare bedrooms that have been transformed into a private gym where space is limited.

How to use Pushup Handlebars?

If you have never utilized Push up rod before, here’s how you should do it:

Place the bars on the floor in the same location as you would place your hands during the push-ups. Take the plank position with your elbows locked and your body is in a straight line while gripping the handles. Avoid pushing your glutes too high in the air. Lower yourself slowly and steadily until you reach the desired depth. Maintain strong form as you push yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat it as you can.

Choosing The Right Pushup Handlebar

Although there are numerous Push up rod in the market, determining which one is best for you might be challenging sometimes.
This is why we’ve compiled a list of recommendations for the best push-up bars.

Capacity for weight

The weight capability of the Push up rod is crucial. You should double-check the weight of the product before purchasing, as you don’t want to risk breaking the bars and losing money. So it would be better to check out the weight of the bars.


Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that pushup bars are shaky when you are doing exercise. It is critical to keep an eye out for anything that could affect the product’s stability. This could be the Push up rod base width or its weight capability. It will be a good idea to read other customer reviews of the product.


The pricing of the product is the last and most significant factor to consider when selecting the best Push up rod handlebar. Normally, the higher the price of the bar, the better the quality and construction of the product. But this is not always the case. There may be low-cost pushup bars available that are suitable for your needs and intended purpose.

Core material

Push up rod can be constructed from a variety of materials. Some are made of metal, while others are made from plastic. Plastic handlebars offer many advantages, such as being less expensive and ultra-lightweight, but they are also less robust and more prone to collapsing over time.

The shape of the pushup bar

There are several different shapes of pushup bars to choose from. The primary grip on plastic bars are normally inverted U-shape and sit on two non-slip rubber base section. Metallic bars are available in several shapes including circular, square, U-shaped and even S-shaped. Round pushup bars is the most advanced, as many of them have a pivoting element that allows you to do additional exercises.

Padded foam grip

Padding is one of the most important element to look for while purchasing pushups handlebar. To avoid slipping due to swear, your bars should have passed foam handles that are slip resistant. Padding will not only prevent hand slipping, but it also make the work out more comfortable.

Some Exercises With Pushup Handlebar

1. Wide pushups for the broad chest

Place the pushups grip on the floor, slightly wider apart than your shoulders for wide pushups. The wider the grip, the less the arms involved in the motion and the more effort is put into the chest. As you increase the distance between the grips, the exercise becomes more difficult. During the downward part of this variant, push your elbows outwards. You can do this exercise with your pushups grip parallel to each other or in a line. The difference is only in the comfort. Do what is comfortable to you. The parallel layout also allows you to engage your inner fibres of chest muscles.

2. One arm pushups

Single-arm pushups are difficult to challenge whether you use a pushup grip or not. They need excellent body tension as a strong chest and triceps. The starting position is similar to the regular pushups except that the legs are much more apart. This will ensure that you will not lose balance. Remove one hand from the grip and place it anywhere and use it quickly if you lose your balance. Lower yourself to the point where your nose almost touches the floor. As you descend, take a deep breath and keep your elbow tight to your body. Push yourself to the starting position and repeat it.

3. L-shape

Form and L-shape with your upper body and legs using pushup grips. Draw your knees about the height of the chest with the soles of your feet on the floor, then stretch your legs out, slightly above the floor while holding the grips. Hold this position as long as you can and return to the starting point.

4. Handstand

Handstands can also be performed using pushup grips if the grips are sufficiently using solid and have a non-slip base. Transfer the weight of your upper body forward but not too far and swing one out-stretched keg forward with your hands on the pushup grips. Raise the second leg and stretch it upwards until your legs are side by side. Do not forget to stretch your arms.

5. Pike pushups

Pushups with a focus on the shoulders and a non-straight back are known as pike pushups. Raise your hips so that your body forms an inverted “V” to complete this exercise. Maintain your legs and arms straight. Your head is in the middle of your arms. Bend your elbows and drop your upper body until your head is nearly on the ground.

6. Pushups with resistance band

Pushups with a resistance band is another excellent workout with a Push up rod handlebar. The resistance of the band is used to enhance the exercise’s effect. Wrap a resistance band over your upper back, just behind the shoulders, and hold one end of the band in each hand with a pushup grip.


Why you should use a pushups handlebar

Pushup bars are ideal for use in a home gym because they are compact and easy to use. Aside from their portability, the main benefit of using pushup bars is that they allow you to practise in proper form when performing pushups. They also allow you to do more variants of pushups without putting too much strain on your upper body. While doing pushups on the floor, your wrist is bent to a higher degree. But this is not the case with the use of pushups handlebar. You can adjust the angle to make it more comfortable for you with a pushups handlebar. Another important reason to begin doing pushups using a handlebar is that the grips may be used in a variety of ways.

Does the pushup bar help?

Pushup bars allow you to line up your palms, wrists, and forearms in a neutral position. Regular pushups are harder on your wrists. Doing pushups with bars will strengthen your wrists.

Is it better to do pushups with handles?

Pushup bars will not transform your standard pushups. They can keep your wrists in a good shape especially when you perform a lot of pushups. They are also a little more difficult to complete than ordinary pushups because it requires more range of motion. If you want strong wrists then it is better to do push up with handles.

Do pushup bars build muscles?

The pushup bars allow you to lower yourself closer to the floor, increasing the amount of effort your muscles do with each repetition. These bars will the development of upper body muscles. The bars increase the range of motion which makes muscles strong.


We hope that you get the ideal pair of Push up rod to assist you with your fitness goals. Pushups are a wonderful exercise to strengthen your upper body and increase mass in that area. When you use a pushup bar, you will have a wider range of motion, which will help you to target muscles that a typical pushup cant reach. You will never regret investing in pushup bars if you want to perform the exercise.

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