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Innstar Portable Gym 3.0 comes to your rescue when extended office hours, hectic work schedules, and a stressful lifestyle affect your fitness plans and hamper your journey towards a fitter version of yourself. Though going to the gym regularly is a great habit, the everyday hassle of packing up, getting ready, and traveling somewhere to just work out is just too much to ask for. Hence it is only natural to skip the gym when you are not feeling up to it. Add a little touch of the global pandemic to this mix, and your new year resolutions of fitness are already running in opposite directions. 

While it is all right to take a break from health clubs and gyms occasionally, it is so ‘NOT OKAY’ to put brakes on your fitness goals and plans. Many Fitness fanatics have faced this issue and therefore have tried to have their own places and equipment to train at home. Owning a piece of equipment that could give you the flexibility of working out at home is a great way to align with your fitness regime.

Innstar portable gym

 A Starter Pack For Home Gym

The thought of having a ‘home gym’ could sound intimidating because it brings up the visual imagery of something as grand as Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Iron Paradise.’ But, a portable gym is actually a very affordable, versatile, and compact kit of equipment that you could legit store in your cupboard. 

A portable gym is an inclusive workout kit that will allow you to do hundreds of exercises with different resistance ranges without taking much of your space and without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Consider some of these great benefits of having a Innstar Portable Gym 3.0 for your home:

 1)  Never miss your Fitness Routines. EVER! 

We know that we all have our best interests when we take that expensive gym membership and pledge to spend 2 hours in a gym every day. It is a great initiative and flawless concept in an ideal world. But in the real world, life gets in the way, and there are days when you come home late, already dead from exhaustion, and don’t want to pack your stuff for shift#2 at the gym; you also get days when traffic makes you mad, and you don’t want to drive for 45 minutes more to get to the gym and stand in line to get a piece of equipment for 10 minutes.

By having a Innstar Portable Gym 3.0 at home, you bypass all these steps and can calmly start your workout as soon as you get home to de-stress yourself. You move faster towards your fitness goal when you minimize the hurdles to reach the equipment. 

 2) Your Family Can Join 

Not everyone in your family must be putting their health and fitness on priority #1. We all have lazy Susans and Couch potato Davids in our home who think going to the gym wastes time and money. The portable gym equipment is more critical for them because having a piece of fitness equipment at home will encourage them to work out and help them take the first steps towards their fitness journey. A portable gym is a safe device with resistance bands that could be used by anyone from age 11-to 70 and hence is the safest equipment for fitness novices in your family. 

 3) can bid goodbye to “Gym Anxiety.” 

Do you know that nearly 70% of people avoid going to gyms because of anxiety and fear of getting judged about their bodies. The constant stress of feeling inadequate, fear of not using the equipment correctly, and being conscious about clothes distracts people from getting the most from their exercise. 

Having portable gym equipment helps you learn at your own pace and in your own time. You can blast your music, wear anything or nothing for that matter, and no one will judge you. You can polish your strengths and work on your weak spots while following the speed suitable for your fitness needs. As you become more self-aware in this process, you will gain enough confidence to work out in public without feeling embarrassed.   

 4) No Pandemic Can Get In Between Your Fitness Goals

Maybe sweat and fear of transmission always bothered you while working out in the crowded gym, but you didn’t know a way out. You can sail through general pandemic fitness woes by gifting yourself a portable gym as a token of self-love this summer. Your own portable gym makes your house a fitness zone where no lockdowns or limited gym hours can get in the way of your fitness routines. 

 5) Flexibility Of Time And Space

A Innstar Portable Gym 3.0 is so compact that you can literally pack it in a bag and take it with you anywhere you go. Doesn’t matter where you plan to go for summer vacation because your fitness equipment in this portable gym will not require any substantial space, and you can fly with a legit gym in your bag to any part of the world. 

 Bonus Point – 

 6) Cost Efficiency

Why Is Innstar Portable Gym?

Innstar portable gym gives you a complete portable exercise system that replaces conventional exercise gear, saving a large amount of your money while adding portability and flexibility to your fitness routine.
Resistance bands are the safest fitness equipment and work wonders in strength training. They are also commonly used in physical therapy, specifically by convalescents of muscular injuries, including cardiac rehab patients, to allow slow rebuilding of strength. Instar helps you perform countless exercises at home with a resistance band system, which is better than any other portable gym equipment.
Our sets are for everyone. Men, women, beginners, or pros. You choose the intensity level for you. Whether you’re warming up or maxing out!

They Most are the inclusions of a Portable Gym?

The most premium portable gym set ie INNSTAR PORTABLE GYM 3.0 (200LB) SET INCLUDES
1 x Adjustable Resistance Belt.
4 x Resistance Bands (33lb each)
1 x Pull Training Bars.
2 x Door Anchors.
2 x Foot Straps.
2 x Handles.
1 x Carry Bag.
1 x Workout Guide.

Why Choose Innstar Portable gym Over Other Brands?

Innstar portable gym system relies on the immense versatility of resistance bands and training bars. These types of equipment can be used in various upper and lower body workouts. This portable gym is the safest and most compact gear you will ever need in your fitness arsenal. 
Research shows that resistance bands increase strength, flexibility, and performance when used as a part of a fitness regime. Since resistance bands guarantee the safety of muscle movement, this tool kit can also be used in physical therapy to isolate strength training to specific muscles that have been subjected to injury. 
On the other hand, training bars can help with heavier lifts as they place less strain on smaller joints and can be used to perform anything from bicep curls to deadlifts and bench presses.

What is the range on resistance in Innstar Portable Gym?

Innstar offers a wide range of resistance levels from 80lbs to 200lbs, making it a perfect choice for upper body and lower body workouts.

Average gym membership costs you thousands of dollars per year with hidden costs like transportation fees, workout clothes, and trainer fees. Gym memberships are almost always non-refundable. A portable gym is a one-time investment and costs you hundreds of dollars max. You can always top up the equipment as per your requirement and endurance. This way, you can have a customized setup at home that will only cater to your specific needs rather than a generalized version at the gym. 


Innstar portable gym


Starting a fitness routine around a portable gym is an intelligent decision for your long-term personal growth. Instar portable gym is a fantastic starter pack for your fitness journey. This small portable tool kit for fitness will provide you a convenient work tool and help you stay on budget. You can customize the intensity of your workout because of the broad resistance range and can practice the most complex exercises in the safest way possible. 


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