INNSTAR Band Resistance (Set of 6)

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✓ 6 x Band Resistance

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Diversify your training with the different level of Resistance Bands to choose from!
Our resistances have to be mounted on the INNSTAR BAND to be able to modify your actual weight.

This Pack Includes:

  • 6 x Band Resistances.

Perfect resistance solution for your portable innstar set!

Our easy-to-mount band resistance set to offer you to select from a wide range of resistance levels for your training.

These are just some of the most popular.

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Resistance Level

36kg/80lb, 48kg/105lb, 69kg/152lb, 90kg/200lb

17 reviews for INNSTAR Band Resistance (Set of 6)

    Margerita Monoz
    February 19, 2021
    My husband and sonlove it cause it's easy carry around he travels for work and it's a great workout.
    Jeff Launiere
    February 8, 2021
    Love it, very versatile, nice when u get a sudden urge to workout and don’t wanna go back to the gym!
    November 20, 2020
    Want to do bench presses and I don't have room for a bench and a set of weights at home. This does exactly what I want. One suggestion: instead of paying up for their bar, buy a 1" dowel at your local hardware store for a couple of bucks.
    October 19, 2020
    I am home due to covid and decided I needed to start working out again. I purchased strength bands to get started. I really have come to see their value and function. I wanted to try a little more variety and this bar does the trick. Well worth the purchase price if you are looking to take your strength band workout to the next level with some added variety.
    chuck t
    September 18, 2020
    Exactly what I needed for bench press. My other bands were to long and I didn’t want to put a knot in them causing more wear and tear. These are perfect for my arms length.
    Colin Kelmer
    July 7, 2020
    Good quality resistance Bands, I have ver tried, ::
    Steve France
    June 15, 2020
    I’ve now purchased almost every (super heavy brown camp weight band from them), 8 of their door jam D-Ring stoppers, their push up system, their 1 piece 38” straight bar,2x deadlift bands, their “King’s Set”,& hooked up the D ring door stops to 8 separate sections of the double wide doors in the entryway of my house. No better anchor point that a front door!! I’ve come up with,& been able to do at least 90% of my normal gym routine with just their band sets,& a 85cm yoga ball (which I use as my “bench”,& seat, efc.). That, or I use an inversion table (which weighs about 180lbs) to do even more crazy exercises with all of INNSTAR’s products. I own almost all of their brown camo (heavy) resistance bands,& after having a cheap band I bought from another company snap,& miss my eye by .5”, leaving me with a knot under,& a black eye for weeks, I looked into “safer” options for resistance bands. INNSTAR is it,& they have reinforced ballistic nylon over their bands,& even if one did somehow snap, it’s not going to fly back at you,& almost take your eye out. It will remain concealed inside the nylon,& You will remain free of harms way.

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